What Does Out For Delivery Mean & How Long Does It Take?

What does 'Out for Delivery' mean?

Online shopping is one of the most convenient services today, delivering goods to the customer’s doorstep.

Customers can also track the status of their package through delivery notifications if it has been shipped and is out for delivery, but what exactly does ‘out for delivery’ mean?

If you’re eagerly waiting for a package, read on to learn what out for delivery means and when your order will possibly arrive.

What Does Out for Delivery Mean?

‘Out for Delivery’ is a delivery status update that indicates the package has been loaded onto the vehicle and is on its way to the customer.

It is the last phase of the delivery process, also known as last-mile delivery.

Does It Mean You’ll Get The Package Today?

The term out for delivery means that your package is loaded on the delivery van, left the local warehouse, and is on the way to its final destination or delivery route.

However, will your package arrive the same day if the tracking information indicates out for delivery?

Generally, yes, especially for a delivery company that offers efficient shipping services.

This delivery status is for packages in the final delivery stage or near the expected delivery date.

How Long Will It Take To Get The Package When It’s Out For Delivery?

Your package will first arrive at the local post office. From there, it will be sorted, loaded on the delivery vehicle, and taken to the last-mile delivery process.

Then, a delivery person transports the package to the shipping address. For instance, a local UPS facility provides residential deliveries in two to three days with extra shipping costs.

Factors That Can Delay Out For Delivery Package Arrival

The Delivery Provider May Hold It Up

Delivery Exception

Delivery exceptions are a top factor affecting the order fulfillment process. It can be weather conditions preventing delivery providers from performing last-mile deliveries.

For instance, the shipping company or US Postal Service can delay the delivery if the client’s location is not accessible due to bad weather.

Custom Image Delivery Exception

Lack Of Proof Of Delivery

Another factor affecting delivery services is the lack of proof of delivery. The delivery agent collects signatures, delivery charges, or other proof of delivery.

You won’t receive the package when the delivery boy comes to your location and no one is around.

So if the first delivery attempt fails, the package will be returned to the local shipping facility, post office, or delivery office for the client to pick up.

Inaccessible Delivery Location

The service may also be delayed if the client’s delivery location is inaccessible due to a locked gate, growling dogs, or closed business on the weekend.

Instead, the delivery agent will attempt to deliver the following day.


The shipping service may also be delayed because of miscommunication, and the package may be shipped to the wrong address or left with a neighbor.

A package shipped may not arrive as expected if loaded on the wrong vehicle.

Custom Clearance

A customs clearance fee is necessary for international shipping and ensures delivery time. This process covers all packages that come from foreign countries.

Furthermore, it ensures packages from a bulk freight carrier comply with legal restrictions and has paid due taxes. So paying cheap delivery costs won’t slow down delivery.

How To Track A Shipment When It’s Out For Delivery

You can track a shipment by contacting the shipping carrier handling your package. If they have an app or online portal, you can use it to track the shipment.

However, if the status changed to “Delivery Attempted,” schedule another attempt or pick up the package at the courier’s local store.

Contacting the customer service line is ideal for immediate assistance if a package is delivered to the wrong location.

How Can Delivery Providers Optimize The Delivery Process?

Courier delivery boys reduce delivery attempts in many ways. The delivery process is optimized using last-mile delivery software, an essential strategy for the supply chain.

In addition, the software provides notifications, such as arrival scan, departure scan, and out for delivery, to give clients real-time updates and ensure packages are delivered successfully.

Also, make sure your packaging process is efficient enough. Proper packaging and labeling ensure that orders arrive safely and on time. Plus, properly packaged and labeled items are much easier and faster to sort and load onto trucks. This can save valuable time (and money) in the long run.

Additionally, good packaging and labeling can help to reduce the chance of returns or refunds. This can save you both time and money in the short term and build customer trust in the long term.

There are several ways you make packaging and labeling efficient. For example, you can invest in high-quality packaging materials to reduce product damage during transit and save money on replacement costs.

Also, you can automate your packaging process to reduce the time spent on packaging, improve accuracy and ensure less waste.

How to Reduce Packaging Costs

What To Do When The Packages Miss Their Scheduled Delivery Date

If the delivery service listed your package as out for delivery or delivered but you didn’t receive it, you should check if you entered the correct shipping location.

Check the tracking status for failed delivery attempts, your alternate mailing address, or your neighbor. If none of this works, contact the courier service immediately.

How Is “Out For Delivery” Different From “In Transit?”

When we say “out for delivery,” it is the final delivery journey, and the package is expected to arrive in one to three days if there is no shipment interruption.

In transit” means that something is transported from one place to another. So if the United States Postal Service indicates in transit, the package is between varying locations.

It’s being transferred from the warehouse, distribution center, and shipping facilities before being delivered to you. In short, it will take a few more days before the delivery.

How Route4Me Can Help Optimize Delivery During the Out-for-Delivery Phase

1. Optimize Delivery Routes

When your drivers are out for delivery, the last thing you want them to do is to get lost or stuck in traffic. Not only does it waste time, but it can also cost you money in fuel. That’s why it’s crucial to optimize your routes.

You can ensure on-time deliveries by planning your route ahead of time and considering factors like traffic and weather.

You can plan a route with Google Maps if you need to plan routes for up to 10 stops. But you must use an advanced route planner like Route4Me to plan multi-stop routes for multiple drivers.

It considers traffic, weather conditions, roadblocks, and avoidance zones, which could slow down your drivers, and helps plan a delivery route in less than a minute.

Out For Delivery - Route4Me route planning process

Route4Me’s route optimizer autocorrects any wrong addresses entered into the system, so your drivers won’t get lost or spend much time searching for the correct address or drop-off location. Plus, it helps you schedule routes months in advance to help make operations well-organized and less stressful.

Optimized routes mean less fuel consumption and carbon emissions, which is also good for your pocket and environment.


Want To See For Yourself How Route4Me Can Make Last-Mile Delivery Efficient?

Whether you want to optimize delivery routes, keep customers updated about their delivery status, track vehicles in real-time, or reschedule deliveries quickly… Route4Me helps you achieve that!


2. Let Customers Track Their Orders in Real-time

Have you ever waited all day for a package, only to find it was “out for delivery” for hours? It’s the worst.

We’ve all been there. That’s why package tracking is so important. By allowing customers to track their packages in real-time, you can give them peace of mind by knowing exactly where their package is.

No more wondering if it’s out for delivery or sitting in a warehouse somewhere. Package tracking allows customers to plan their day around the delivery, leading to zero missed deliveries.

This will improve customer satisfaction and save you time and money by reducing the number of calls and emails from anxious customers and negative reviews. And that’s good for business.

So, how can you let customers track their package status?

A delivery route planner like Route4Me can help here. It offers a customer portal feature that enables customers to see exactly where their package is in real-time. It provides a seamless experience as they would if using USPS or UPS tracking.

Route4Me route planner also offers a customer alerting and notification feature that lets you notify customers whenever their order is out for delivery or near their location, improving first-time door opens.

3. Monitor Vehicles to Keep Tabs On Your Packages

There are plenty of good reasons why you should track vehicles and drivers.

For example, last-mile delivery tracking can help you monitor your drivers’ habits, ensuring they take the most efficient routes and do not make unnecessary stops that could delay the deliveries.

If there’s an emergency, such as a vehicle breakdown or road mishap, tracking the vehicle can help you send immediate roadside assistance and ensure driver safety.

Manually, you can’t track vehicles, so you need to use a commercial GPS tracker. GPS tracking software can help you monitor vehicles in real-time on a map. Learn the top ten benefits of GPS tracking.

However, if you use Route4Me, you don’t need a separate GPS tracking app. Route4Me’s delivery scheduling software comes with an integrated vehicle tracking feature. Plus, it offers a speed alert that would automatically notify you if a driver crosses the speed limit so that you can communicate with the driver immediately to prevent reckless driving.




Is out of delivery the same as out for delivery?

Yes, it means the same. This term is used by courier services to update clients that the package is expected to arrive on the day or the next day.

How late can a package go out for delivery?

Usually, a package marked as ‘out for delivery status arrives within the day. If not, the following day. Still, the arrival time depends on your location’s distance from the
delivery facility.

In A Nutshell

So, what does out for delivery mean? It means the package departed the distribution center and is on its way to the client’s location, which usually arrives within the day.

However, the delivery date may be delayed due to weather or lack of proof of delivery. To ensure cost-effective deliveries, you can use one of the top routing apps, Route4Me.

Route4Me ensures your packages are delivered on time and in perfect condition, so you can focus on what’s important: growing your business. Sign up for the Free Trial for 7 days and see it yourself.


Want To See For Yourself How Route4Me Can Make Last-Mile Delivery Efficient?

Whether you want to optimize delivery routes, keep customers updated about their delivery status, track vehicles in real-time, or reschedule deliveries quickly… Route4Me helps you achieve that!



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