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What is Fleet Telematics?

From vehicle scheduling and maintenance to driver tracking and vendor payment, field service managers face more challenges than we think. The good news is technology is transforming business operations, and fleet telematics is at the forefront. Field service businesses are using telematics data to monitor fleet performance and collect real-time information such as vehicle location, […]

Telematics for Electric Vehicles

The country is going crazy about electric vehicles (EVs). Recent reports have confirmed that EVs in the US have entered their fastest phase of growth. As per a report by IHS Markit, EVs’ market share reached record volumes in the US with 208,000 new registrations in 2018. The report also stated that the new registrations […]

What is Telematics?

Before we explain how telematics works, let’s define what telematics is: the term “telematics” is a combination of the words “telecommunications” and “informatics”. Telematics has different meanings in different industries, but in the context of routing, it refers to the use of GPS devices to monitor vehicles and other assets. One of the biggest challenges […]

5 Ways To Save Money With A GPS Tracker

Are you bringing in more money than you’re spending? That’s the key to running a successful business, of course. You’ve got to make a profit. One way to increase your profit margin is to increase your income. The other way is to lower your expenses. How can you lower your expenses? Well, GPS tracking technology […]

The Future of Vehicle Tracking

It seems like vehicle tracking technology evolves faster and faster with each passing year. Indeed, it’s hard to keep up. What will vehicle tracking look like in five years? Ten years? Fifty years? No one knows for sure, but here’s what current trends can tell us about the future: Standalone Tracking Devices Are Going Extinct […]