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How to Solve the Last Mile Problem

The last mile problem has always been there. According to a study, 59% of US companies believe that the last mile is the most inefficient process in the supply chain. But, the last-mile problem has increased manifold since the pandemic started. According to research, last year the US witnessed the highest eCommerce growth in the […]

6 Effective Door-to-Door Sales Strategies

Online marketing has placed the world at your fingertips. By clicking a few buttons or flipping a few virtual switches, your marketing campaigns can be live for the target audience. But, sometimes even the most reliable digital marketing tactics fail to produce the desired results because of saturation. So, what worked seven years ago may […]

What is Route Optimization?

Some businesses have it easy. Their customers come to their location when they want to buy something. Other businesses, such as courier services and pest control companies, are required to send employees out to meet with their customers. In addition to all of their other expenses, they need to pay for gas and vehicle maintenance. […]