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Optimize Delivery Routes To Minimize Dangerous Driving

Every field service business shares the same problem. You’re in the office, but your field employees are on the road, so you don’t really know what they’re doing. That’s why you need an advanced software solution like delivery route optimization software. Ideally, your field employees are following the rules of the road and driving defensively. But […]

What Is Location Intelligence and How Can Your Business Benefit From It?

Location intelligence has been widely used in every industry and the logistics and transportation industries are no exceptions. According to a study by Dresner Advisory Services, 53% of enterprises consider location intelligence as critical or very important to achieving their goals for 2020. And, according to Grand View Research’s market analysis report, the global location […]

6 Common Questions re: Route Optimization Software

Several organizations have reported gaining benefits from using Route4Me’s multi-stop route planner to plan and optimize routes and ensure on-time delivery of the critical supplies to every door during the pandemic. And Harris County Precinct 2 is the new addition to the RouteMe’s long list of happy users. The Texas Association of Counties has named […]