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Succession And Modernization – Family Business Series 12

In the hit romantic comedy, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”(2002), Fotoula “Toula” Portakolas, an unmarried, 30 year old daughter of Greek immigrants, conspires with her female relatives to trick her traditional father into allowing her to work in her aunt’s travel business. Toula has changed her hair, started wearing makeup and modernized her aunt’s business […]

Family Business Series – 9 – The Australian Survey

How are Australian family businesses doing, cents and (Australian) dollars? After the official Australian governmental report was issued: Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services: Family Businesses in Australia — Different and Significant; Why They Shouldn’t be Overlooked [March 2013], The accounting firm of KPMG/Australia partnered with Family Business of Australia [FBA] to conduct […]

Family Business Series – 8 – The Australia Study

American businesses, especially family businesses, are a patchwork of sizes, types, business models, and cultures. Working out of living rooms as well as boardrooms, corner cafes and highrises, from smartphones, offices, laptops and garages, there is no “model” family business owner in the United States. Australia, however, wants to change the game for Australian businesses […]

Family Business Series – 7 – Europe

McDonalds, circa 1749? Walmart, est. 1665? Not really, but not so unusual in Europe. While American family-owned and operated businesses tend to be entrepreneurial, according to The Economist, European family businesses tend to be older, multi-generational and extensive — parents, brothers, sisters and cousins, looking to operate the business as an extended family-sustaining enterprise, to […]

Family Business Series – 6 – Addiction

When the second generation son is taking over the family business from a founding parent, and the son has a serious drinking or drug problem, who is going to confront him? One out of two American family businesses will have to deal with a family-related addiction problem within the company, according to a 2012 study […]