Schedule Optimization: The Only Route Scheduling Guide You’ll Ever Need

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Schedule optimization can ensure a balanced workload for your employees while enabling you to improve productivity and customer experience.

It is, however, easier said than done. Dispatchers often overlook the size of their schedule optimization problem, resulting in a loss of customers and revenue.

But what is route schedule optimization?

Is route scheduling that important?

What schedule optimization techniques should you use?

We answer all these questions below.

What Is Schedule Optimization?

Schedule optimization is the process of optimizing your schedule so that all your actions align with your ultimate goal.

Route scheduling isn’t complicated if you use scheduling and dispatch optimization software for your field service business. Such software help you plan fuel-efficient routes and ensure every driver gets a balanced workload.

The Advantages of Schedule Optimization

Below are some of the benefits you should expect when you optimize your routes and schedules.

Improved Profit Margin

Optimized schedules mean reduced costs, better output, and improved profit margin.

For example, you can optimize your delivery drivers’ schedules for lower overall hours to fulfill orders, maximum capacity, and least mileage.

Schedule optimization also helps you ensure that you don’t stock excess supplies or products and efficiently use your warehouse space.

Furthermore, route scheduling helps you increase sales and profits by optimizing employee, logistics, and maintenance schedules.

Improved Efficiency

Schedule optimization helps improve efficiency as well. You can apply this to field sales, deliveries, or any field service business that involves time-sensitive tasks.

Schedule optimization techniques also help you figure out the gaps to include more tasks without compromising breaks.

Improved Punctuality Due to Schedule Optimization

Do you enjoy delayed deliveries? Of course not, right? Your customers also don’t.

That’s why on-time deliveries and appointments are critical to the success of your business. Schedule optimization helps you achieve that.

With scheduling and dispatch optimization software, you can do route planning and scheduling while considering traffic, delivery time windows, stops for refueling, and other factors that help ensure your drivers show up on time.

Such on-time delivery means happy customers and repeat business. Isn’t that what you want?

Increased Productivity

Schedule optimization ensures a balanced workload distribution. That means none of your employees will be over or underworked.

There will also be no stress at work, no burnouts, and fewer or zero employee turnovers. This translates to improved productivity and employee satisfaction. Happy employees equate to satisfied customers.

You should not, however, use the one-size-fits-all approach to optimize routes and schedules. Workload optimization isn’t the same for every business. You should figure out what matters the most to your team.

For example, do they really prefer even workloads (such as couriers who earn on the number of orders fulfilled), or do they prefer advanced notice?

If you don’t know what your employees want, ask them about the challenges they face. You can use the information to optimize your schedules accordingly.


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How Can Route4Me Help with Schedule Optimization?

Route4Me’s multi-stop route planner helps you stay on top of your business schedule, account for any planned or unplanned irregularities, and even visualize your routes up to one year in advance.

You can schedule routes during route planning, reschedule already active or optimized routes, and even optimize routes for recurring delivery schedules.

Let’s look in detail at the various ways Route4Me’s trucking GPS app can help you with schedule optimization.

Schedule Daily Routes and Automate Resource Scheduling

Route4Me’s route optimizer enables you to schedule and reschedule routes during and after your planning of those routes.

You can set up several route parameters during route planning. You can also set a route name and select from multiple optimization types.

Plus, you can add various business rules and optimization constraints, such as time windows, revenue, and priority constraints. You can even adjust the route schedule for your route.

Learn in detail about how to schedule routes while planning routes.

Schedule Routes with Dynamic Start Time

Route4Me’s Time Windows constraints allow you to get the most optimal sequence of stops, considering the availability of hours of each customer on the route. You can even schedule routes to start at sunrise or sunset.

The software also offers a Dynamic Start Time option that makes routes with Time Windows even more cost-effective. When enabled, Route4Me will dynamically schedule routes for the most optimal time. This way, you can ensure that the routes have zero waiting time between the depot and the first destination.

Learn more about the Dynamic Start Time feature, including re-optimizing a planned route using it.

Reschedule Daily Routes with Route4Me’s Dynamic Scheduling Software

Route4Me’s scheduling and dispatch optimization software also enables you to reschedule routes, even while they’re in progress. As soon as you make any amendments to the route schedule, the software automatically updates the route across all the devices associated with your Route4Me account.

Your drivers see any route changes in real-time, and you don’t need to update your drivers manually. You can rest assured that they’re constantly navigating only the updated routes.

Learn how to reschedule your routes using Route4Me’s route editor, Routes List, or Route Map.

Route Scheduling for Recurring Delivery Schedules

Route4Me’s delivery scheduling software comes with a Scheduled and Recurring Routing feature that helps you schedule deliveries for repeat orders and visit customers using a repeating schedule.

This helps you automate route planning and dispatch and plan routes up to a year in advance. You can create custom route schedules for your repeat orders based on your unique routing needs.

Route4Me will also take the schedule optimization problem out of the equation. It’ll automatically schedule routes when they should be scheduled, plan accurately when your team requires, and automatically dispatch routes to Route4Me’s Android and iOS mobile apps installed on your drivers’ smartphones for navigation.

This way, you can save significant time on route planning by automating repetitive tasks and instead focus on sales and growing your business.

Furthermore, it eliminates miscommunication with your drivers. Drivers will see their future workload, and managers can compare Planned vs. Actual performance metrics.

Learn how to create daily recurring schedules and schedule delivery for repeat orders in our Scheduled & Recurring Routing Optimization Guide.

Visit our route scheduling FAQs to clarify any doubts you might have about route schedule optimization with Route4Me.


Want To See For Yourself How Route4Me Can Boost Your Profits?

Whether you want to slash the time it takes you to plan routes for your drivers, increase the number of stops they can make, or keep your customers satisfied knowing that your drivers show up on time… Route4Me helps you achieve that!

Start Free 7 Day Trial

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