15 Best Route Planner Apps For Multiple Stops: 2024 Guide

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Creating routes with multiple stops can be pretty challenging. This is even more important if you run a business where transportation and logistics play a huge role.

If you’re creating multiple routes daily, you should seek the help of a reliable route planner. Today, we’ll list down the best route planners for multiple stops.

Top 15 Route Planning Software For Multiple Stops

1. Route4Me Route Planner

Route4Me route planner is a user-friendly route optimization tool that can help business owners plan routes.

Upload your customer list and watch it create the best route with multiple addresses for you in as little as 60 seconds.


It can create delivery routes for multiple drivers and automatically reorder stops if schedule changes occur.

You can see your drivers’ multiple locations with GPS tracking. The data analytics within the system also gives you visibility into how your business is running.


Want To See For Yourself How Route4Me Can Help Plan Multi-Stop Routes?

Whether you want to optimize delivery routes, keep customers updated about their delivery status, track vehicles in real-time, or reschedule deliveries quickly… Route4Me helps you achieve that!


2. RouteXL

RouteXL can help delivery managers plan a truly optimized route for pickup and delivery services.

If you go for RouteXL’s free route planner app, you can only plan for 20 stops. The paid subscription gives you 200 stops per route.

3. TruckRouter

TruckRouter works trucking routes. You can create truck-specific routes that consider the delivery vehicles’ dimensions, so it only gives you the quickest route that meets the restrictions.

TruckRouter also offers a handy trip cost calculator to help you determine how much you’re spending on each trip. All the calculations, like route elevation and toll roads, are included.

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4. Google Maps Route Planner

Google Maps Route Planner is one of the most commonly used free route planners. You can input up to ten stops in the Google Maps API and arrange them in order of the fastest route.

Its automatic updates on incidents, road closures, and live traffic can also help with route optimization. You can save routes and use offline maps, too.

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5. Maptive

Maptive’s built-in route optimizer will present you with the most efficient route for unlimited stops. You can create custom maps with your data, like sale density maps, store locators, and heat maps.

6. Waze

Waze is ideal for individuals who want the shortest route to their final destination in turn-by-turn directions. It gets data from other users, such as real-time traffic flows, police reports, and hazards.

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7. Upper Route Planner

If you’re a fleet manager who creates routes for field workers, look no further than Upper Route Planner: a planning solution with an automated delivery process.

You don’t have to add stops manually — simply upload multiple addresses, and it will create routes for you.

8. RouteSavvy

RouteSavvy can work for big businesses handling hundreds of stops daily. Simply upload the spreadsheet with the data and let the software create routes.

It allows mobile device integration, so your field workers can use its voice driving directions. It’s also pretty affordable to boot.

9. Speedy Route

Speedy Route may work for businesses with a handful of vehicles because you can easily optimize each route.

This is for fleet managers who need help optimizing routes. It features a unique drag-and-drop feature to import addresses, box time, and track mileage.

How to Manage a Fleet of Vehicles

10. RAC Route Planner

RAC’s Mapping Service is another great route planner for delivery routes. It plans the most optimized routes and puts your drivers’ safety as one of its top priorities.

If you like a route planner with extra inclusions, RAC also has Traffic News and Fuel Cost Calculator.

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11. MyRouteOnline

MyRouteOnline is an excellent multi-stop route planner app for last-mile delivery. It offers dispatch, work orders, fuel, and territory management.

Fleet managers can plan up to 350 stops per route according to travel or planning time. MyRouteOnline also has a driver-tracking feature.

12. Routific

Routific is a route planner for small to medium-sized businesses. Importing addresses is easy, so your team can make the fastest routes.

Routific might work if your business includes uncomplicated deliveries like food or furniture. You can indicate the service time, type of vehicle, and priority stops in the routing app so that it can give you the most optimal route.

13. LogiNext Mile

LogiNext Mile is for trucking and logistics businesses. It has everything you need, including route optimization, delivery associate management, real-time updates, and ETA calculation.

14. Circuit Route Planner

This route planner app helps businesses handle pickups and deliveries. The mapping software platform is split into Circuit for Teams and Circuit Route Planner (for individual drivers), both available on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Delivery and fleet managers use Circuit for Teams to create multiple destinations for delivery drivers, which they can access using route optimization software.

15. Plotaroute

Plotaroute is a free route planner best used for outdoor and recreational activities. You can find multiple locations, like the best alternative bike paths and scenic hiking places.

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Essential Tips To Follow

  • Best fits your needs
  • Reduce your time in planning routes
  • Integrate seamlessly with your other apps
  • User-friendly and intuitive
  • Make your job better and be cost-efficient

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Best Route Planner Apps for Multiple Stops

How do I plan a route with multiple stops for free?

You can plan a route with multiple stops for free with Google Maps. You can input up to ten stops and choose your preferred order. Google Maps can also provide real-time traffic

Is it worth it to invest in a route planner with multiple stops?

Yes, it’s definitely worth it to invest in route-planning apps with multiple stops, especially if you’re in the delivery business. Route planning is different from simply getting to all your destinations — specific calculations need to be considered, such as the most efficient way to get to each stop to save
on time and money.

Final Thoughts about the Best Route Planner Apps for Multiple Stops

Route planning for multiple routes is always a challenging task. When choosing the best route optimization apps for multiple stops, it’s important to consider their use first.

It’s best to use free route planner apps like Google Maps or Waze for personal use.

Suppose you manage a trucking and logistics business. In that case, the multi-stop route planner must identify your vehicle’s restrictions and provide you with routes that circumvent them.

If you handle a large fleet of drivers, delivery route apps can help you plan hundreds of daily routes.

Sign up for Route4Me’s 7-day free trial today to understand how the software can integrate into your system.


Want To See For Yourself How Route4Me Can Help Plan Multi-Stop Routes?

Whether you want to optimize delivery routes, keep customers updated about their delivery status, track vehicles in real-time, or reschedule deliveries quickly… Route4Me helps you achieve that!


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