Future Tech

The Future of Transportation: Take a Glimpse of What It Could Look Like

Modern transportation is experiencing a paradigm shift thanks to the emerging concern for the environment, safety, and transformative transportation technologies. Now, futuristic transport innovations promise to change everything, whether it is the jam-packed public transportation, long hours of international flights, or fuel-inefficient diesel trucks giving you 20 mpg mileage. The best part is that all […]

Supply Chain Managers: Are You Ready to Adopt Emerging Technology?

The rising customer demands, globalization, and increased product complexities are forcing supply chain managers of logistics companies to embrace advanced technologies to transform their supply chain from an operations hub into the epicenter of innovation. And, as a supply chain manager, you cannot afford to ignore how emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and […]

How the Transport Industry Will Change in 2020

The transportation industry is on the verge of a complete overturn. Hardly a day goes by without noticing how technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are transforming the transport sector. From driver safety to optimizing navigation and vehicle utilization, technological advancements are changing the way we use transport. According to estimates, the […]

How Do You Optimize Delivery Routes for Autonomous Vehicles?

Autonomous vehicles for deliveries will soon become mainstream. In fact, even though fully autonomous vehicles (AV) are yet to arrive, partial AVs are already mainstream in the form of cruise control and braking assist. But, the development for fully self-driving vehicles is on full steam with over $80 billion already invested in the development, according […]

Autonomous Vehicles: Will They Make Traffic Worse?

Autonomous vehicles have generated a lot of interest in the past decade. People are excited by the prospect of being able to sit back and relax whenever they need to get from Point A to Point B. Also, autonomous vehicles would disrupt the field service industry and lead to lower transportation costs. Entrepreneurs like Elon […]

Waze Adds Three New Navigation Features

On Wednesday, Waze announced a new update to its Android and iOS apps to help users get motorcycle-specific directions, voice control Waze, and factor carpool lanes into commutes. Here are details regarding the features and how you can set them up. Motorcycle Vehicle Type Option The best route for a truck may not be the […]