Mapping Software

What is the Traveling Salesman Problem?

A salesman wants to visit a few locations to sell goods. He knows the names of the locations and the distances between each one. What is the shortest route the salesman should follow so that he only visits each location once before returning to the starting point? The problem you just read is the famous […]

Free Mapping Software: to Use or Not to Use?

Who doesn’t love free software? From Google Drive for storage to WhatsApp for staying in touch, from Youtube for entertainment to Google Maps for traveling – we use a plethora of free software every day. Speaking of traveling – isn’t Google Maps one of the most used apps on your smartphone? According to a report, […]

Four Techniques to Optimize This Customer Mapping Tool

You can’t have a business without customers. How do you convince potential customers to start using your service? And how do you make sure the customers you already have don’t abandon you for one of your competitors? There’s no simple answer to those questions, but it certainly helps to keep up with cutting edge technology. […]