Money Saving

Top 3 Ways Logistics Companies Can Reduce Delivery Costs

Delivery costs can be a silent killer. If you don’t control your expenses, the costs will bring your business to the ground faster than you can even imagine. Just consider, according to a report, logistics expenses in the US went up to a whopping $1.63 trillion last year. The transportation costs alone amounted to $1.06 […]

How Benchmarking Helps Lower Your Logistics Cost

Whether you are a business owner or a field service manager, you are likely constantly striving to be better than the best. Regardless of how easy it may sound, achieving this target and beating your competitors every time is a hard nut to crack. Logistics companies need to assess the different aspects of their field […]

5 Ways to Get Rid of Employee Fuel Theft

According to research conducted by Shell, two out of five fleet drivers have witnessed another driver commit some kind of fraud, such as siphoning fuel from a company vehicle. The Shell survey also found that fuel spending accounts for over 20% of total fleet operating costs, and theft prevention allows fleet managers to reduce fuel […]

How A Road Trip Planner Can Help You Get Rid Of Time Theft

If you regularly send employees out into the field, whether for sales calls or service requests or anything else, then surely it’s crossed your mind that your employees might be inflating their work hours. Field employees are largely unsupervised. It’s easy for them to lie about how much time they spend working. According to the […]

Does Your Free Route Planner Offer These Critical Features?

You get what you pay for. You’ve heard that phase a thousand times before, but that’s only because it’s true. Trying to save a little money now can cost you a lot of money in the long run. By using a free route planner instead of more advanced software, you’ll miss out on many expense-reducing and productivity-improving features. […]

How A Route Planner Can Help You Reduce Fuel Costs

It’s hard out there for a fleet manager. They’re worried all the time, which gives them high blood pressure, shortness of breath, ulcers… just terrible, terrible health. The cause of all this stress? Increasing gas prices. Yes, gas. Rising gas prices have become an especially big problem over the last couple of years, making it difficult for […]