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Top 10 Benefits of GPS Tracking

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The benefits of GPS tracking are invaluable in any field service business.

Field employee management can be painful without GPS tracking.

You need to check that they’re following the assigned routes and not slacking off and that they don’t get lost.

A commercial GPS tracker gives you an unprecedented level of access and control to your field service or delivery operations.

GPS tracking software can also reduce your operational expenses, improve productivity and customer satisfaction.

But, that’s not all.

Here are many other advantages of car GPS tracking.

#1 Help Keep an Eye on Your Field Employees

Vehicle asset tracking is one of the primary benefits of GPS tracking software.

Are your employees sticking to the schedule to meet your clients?

Are they taking long personal breaks?

Are they running personal errands while they’re supposed to be working?

Since you can’t see them, you can’t possibly know.

GPS fleet management system can help here.

An asset tracker helps you find out where your field reps or delivery drivers are in real-time.

So, no matter where you are or what time of day it is, you can check up on your employees to ensure that they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

#2 Make Sure Your Employees Do Not Get Lost

When your employees get lost, they’ll run behind schedule and will probably not be able to arrive at their appointments on time. This won’t do well for your business’s reputation.

A delivery route planner with a built-in fleet tracking system will help your employees figure out how to get from point A to point B without getting lost.

More importantly, the routes produced by the route planner are always fully optimized.

And they’re always the shortest and most efficient routes possible.

This further lessens the probability of your employees getting lost because they will always have an accurate route with correct addresses in front of them.

#3 Improve Driver Safety

Ensuring driver safety is one of the most significant benefits of GPS tracking for businesses.

GPS tracking app protects your field employees from physical harm.

Besides showing you where they currently are, the monitoring software also informs you of their current vehicle speeds.

It comes with a speed alert feature that automatically notifies you when a driver speeds up.

You can then contact your driver immediately to slow down and prevent any chances of road mishaps.

Moreover, if an employee’s vehicle is standing still, you can contact the driver to learn why they are not moving?

If the driver informs you that they got into an accident, you can immediately dispatch a person or a team to help the employee.

This will further improve driver safety since it’s dangerous to stay on the road during an accident for a long time.

Here are some tips on how to prevent aggressive driving.

Also, learn these road safety tips that driving schools do not teach.

#4 Help Avoid Customer Disputes

Another benefit of the GPS vehicle tracking system is that it can help avoid any customer disputes as you will have the delivery details at hand.

For example, you will know the exact time a driver arrived at a location and how long they stayed at the site.

So, if a customer complains about late delivery or appointment, you will have data to know the truth.

#5 Helps Make Informed Decisions

GPS tracking device collects detailed information about your fleet’s activity.

With this tracking data, you’ll be able to assess your drivers more accurately.

You’ll know if your fuel efficiency techniques are working or not. You’ll have a better idea of how often your vehicles need maintenance, too.

By reviewing the data collected with a GPS tracking device for cars, you can identify bottlenecks that slow your drivers down.

In the future, you’ll know to avoid these areas when planning routes, so your drivers will be able to visit your customers without using as much time/gas.

Overall, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions about using your business’s resources.


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#6 Recover Stolen Vehicles

GPS monitoring software helps you track your asset locations in real-time.

You can see whenever an asset moves either outside of the regular hours or to a specified location, which could be a sign of theft.

You can then immediately contact the police and share the data to help them recover your vehicle and assets quickly.

That is how one of our clients in New Jersey recovered their stolen assets.

In January, one of their drivers parked the company vehicle without locking it and with the keys inside while grabbing a cup of coffee.

To his utter surprise, the vehicle was gone with the assets inside it when he came back.

He immediately informed the company manager, who then located the vehicle by logging in to the GPS fleet management system.

The company informed the police and shared the vehicle’s location with them, and the cops recovered the car within two hours.

A stolen vehicle could cost tens of thousands of dollars to replace – and then there’s the cost of whatever you were transporting in that vehicle, which might be even more expensive.

Can your business afford an expense like that?

With a GPS tracking app, you’ll have a good chance of recovering any vehicle that’s stolen, so you can avoid the cost of losing a car.

#7 Reduce Insurance Premiums

An insurance provider only makes money when the premiums they collect add up to more than the claims they need to cover.

The less likely you are to make a claim, the less an insurance provider will charge you for premiums.

Many insurance providers have programs that reduce premiums and deductibles for businesses that track their vehicles.

In addition to showing you where your drivers are, an app for GPS tracking will show you how fast they’re going.

You can use this data to prove to your insurer that your drivers are following the speed limit.

This data can also confirm that your drivers aren’t making any sudden stops or accelerations.

Your insurer will know that your drivers are less likely to get into an accident, and therefore less likely to file a claim. That’s how they can afford to charge you less for your insurance.

Long story short, GPS tracking software allows you to prove to providers that your field employees drive safely.

That’ll knock a few dollars off your premiums, which frees up funds for other areas of your business. This is one of the most significant cost benefits of GPS tracking devices.

#8 Improve Driver Productivity

One of the critical benefits of GPS fleet tracking is that you don’t even need to look at it for it to affect.

When your drivers know they’re being watched, they’ll know they can’t mess around.

You’ll get more bang for your buck from your payroll dollars.

Another advantage of GPS tracking is that it allows you to assess driver performance accurately.

You’ll be able to see what your drivers are doing en-route in real-time.

With that information, you’ll know which drivers deserve a raise and need a little more training.

Your drivers will see that the raises and promotions you dole out are based on objective assessments, so they’ll have all the incentives they need to work hard for you.

#9 Increase Customer Retention

Fleet tracking software also makes geofencing possible.

Geofencing involves drawing custom borders over a real-world map. Then, you can set it up, so that specific actions are triggered when your drivers cross through them.

For example, you can use geofences to automatically send your customers a text message when your driver is about to arrive.

Also, an advanced route optimizer with built-in GPS monitoring automatically updates the estimated time of arrivals (ETAs) to reflect your drivers’ whereabouts.

So, no matter what happens, the ETAs you give your customers will always remain accurate.

They’ll appreciate the notice and keep on doing business with you.

#10 Enhance Your Equipment

High-tech equipment like automated forklifts is costly.

To get a good ROI on such equipment, you need to keep it running as efficiently as possible. Every second they’re idle is a waste of money.

GPS tracking app can help here as well.

The benefits of GPS tracking aren’t just limited to cars on roads – it can make the equipment in your warehouse move more efficiently, too.

You’ll be able to monitor equipment to ensure safety protocols are being met. And an asset tracker collects data that will help you streamline your operations, thus improving delivery speed and reducing costs.

So, do you have any questions about the benefits of the GPS tracking system?


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