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GPS Tracking & Management

How To Propose GPS Fleet Tracking to Upper Management

Managing field operations is not easy. Depending on the workforce and around-the-clock operations is challenging and the on-road uncertainties add to the complexities. The key to successful operations is to gain real-time visibility on your fleet’s vehicles as well as the drivers’ behavior. A GPS fleet tracking software like US Fleet tracking will help you […]

Route4Me’s Vehicle Tracking System

Do you spend hours trying to identify the exact location of your vehicles? Are you worried your drivers are engaging in bad driving behavior and do not follow the traffic rules? Would it not help if you knew exactly where your vehicles and drivers are? A vehicle tracking system can do just that. But, what […]

Why You Need Telematics for Autonomous Vehicles

Self-driving technology is still being developed, but it has already become an emerging global market. Statista forecasts that the car market for partially autonomous vehicles will be around $36 billion by 2025. Also, as per Brookings Institution, a whopping $80 billion has already been invested into driverless vehicle technology over the past three years. Much of […]