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Debunking The Top 7 GPS Tracking Software Myths

Debunking The Top 7 GPS Tracking Software Myths
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Many business owners have misconceptions about GPS tracking software that prevent them from taking advantage of the productivity-improving power of this technology.

Some people think GPS fleet tracking software is too expensive. Others think GPS tracking technology is too complex. Another myth is that it’s not very useful.

All of these ideas are wrong. In this post, we’ll bust those myths and show you why field service businesses need real-time GPS tracking.

#1 “GPS Tracking Only Shows Dots On A Map”

The best GPS tracker apps can show you much more than the location of your field employees. They allow you to monitor speed, harsh braking, fuel consumption, and much more. With tracking data, you’ll be able to closely monitor your team and make sure they’re doing exactly what you want them to do.


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#2 “GPS Tracking Software Is Too Expensive”

Cost is another thing that turns businesses away from truck GPS tracking. But many companies that provide this technology offer a volume-based subscription pricing model, which means you won’t need to deal with any large flat fees. You only pay for what you use.

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Also, you should consider how much money you’ll save by adopting a GPS tracking system. Even when you don’t review tracking data, it will have a positive effect on your team. Everyone will stick to their routes and stay on schedule more often when they know they’re being watched. This will lower your fuel costs and overtime expenses.

#3 “Tracking Field Employees Is Unnecessary Because I Have Paper Logs And Service Call Sheets”

Maybe you use the age-old process of service call sheets and paper logs to confirm work has been completed, so you think you have no need for GPS fleet tracking.

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But how much time and energy do you spend on managing all that paperwork? GPS tracking software can streamline this process for you. It allows you to focus more on all the other things you need to do.

#4 “I Don’t Need To Track My Employees Because I Trust Them”

Well, it’s good that you trust your employees. But even for generally honest employees, it’s simply human nature to cover up mistakes. Tracking software takes the human element out of the equation and shows you everything you need to know.

And a vehicle tracking system isn’t just for tracking driver behavior. If one of your vehicles is ever stolen, GPS tracking software significantly increases your odds of recovering it.

#5 “My Employees Will Be Offended By GPS Tracking”

To get your team on board with GPS tracking software, all you need to do is teach them how a delivery route planner helps them.

Everyone wants to work in an environment where the people who work the hardest are the ones who are selected to receive raises and promotions. When you’re doling out these rewards, you need to have data to back those decisions up, or else the workers who aren’t selected will resent you. By sharing tracking data with your employees, you can convince them that you’re judging everyone’s performance fairly.

#6 “GPS Tracking Is Only For Large Corporations”

There’s just no logic at all to this particular myth. GPS tracking will help you reduce expenses, increase productivity, and improve customer service, no matter the size of your business.

#7 “GPS Tracking Software Is Hard To Use”

GPS tracking software isn’t complicated at all – especially if you use cloud-based software that has a route planner app.

Such software eliminates the need to purchase standalone tracking devices. After your field employees download the app, their mobile devices will function as GPS trackers that show you their real-time location and speed.

With cloud-based software, any changes you make to a route on your office computer will be automatically reflected on your field employee’s smartphone. That makes last-minute changes very easy to accommodate.

Here’s the bottom line: GPS tracking reduces operating costs, increases productivity, and gives you the ability to make more money.

So, do you have any concerns about GPS tracking software that we didn’t address in this article? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

Finally, answering these three questions correctly will confirm that you understand the benefits of GPS tracking software:

  1. Why should you use a daily route planner that has a GPS vehicle tracking feature?
  2. Why would your employees want you to adopt GPS tracking device?
  3. Can small businesses benefit from GPS tracking software?

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