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The Best Route Planner App for Delivery Drivers in 2021 – How To Choose the Right One?

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“We offer the best route planner app for delivery drivers.”

Every route planner app provider says it.

Some claim they offer the best free route planner for delivery drivers, while others claim to provide the best multi-stop route planner app for delivery drivers.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Some may well be the best. But, such claims make your job tough.

So, how do you know which route planning app is right for your business?

The trick is to look closely at the route optimization software and the company offering it as well.

For example, you have to ask simple questions such as:

  • How old is the company?
  • What do their existing customers say about them?
  • How good are their customer services?

But, there are many other crucial points to consider as well.

Does this seem overwhelming?

Fret not, below are four major pointers you must consider to help you choose the best multi-stop route planner app for your delivery drivers in 2021.

#1 Dynamic Route Optimization and Real-Time Tracking

You can only consider a route planner app as the best route planner app for delivery drivers if it offers dynamic route optimization and solves the vehicle route problem.

Dynamic route optimization better matches the reality of the delivery day compared to static routes which are planned on a quarterly or yearly basis and stay the same. This is because, with dynamic routing, you can manage highly unpredictable operations and ensure that they fulfill customer expectations without sacrificing performance. You don’t need to worry about the traveling sales problem at all.

Another important feature to look for is real-time vehicle tracking.

Your customers will have a negative experience if you promise them deliveries at particular times and then your driver arrives later.

But, with GPS tracking, you will be updated about your driver’s location and can then provide your customers with accurate ETAs, thus forging a bond of trust with them.

Here’s a quick rundown of some other important features you must look for in a delivery route planner app in 2021 before zeroing in on one:

  • The scheduling and routing software should factor in a wide variety of constraints for route planning. Even just one unattended constraint, such as the weather, can jeopardize your entire delivery schedule. Some constraints the app should factor in include traffic congestion, time windows, one way, avoidance zones, left turns, sunrise, sunset, load, weight, height, and pieces.
  • The final mile delivery software should allow your customers to track their own packages in real-time to avoid failed deliveries and ensure transparency.
  • The last mile delivery software should offer a reporting and analytics feature to track every nitty-gritty detail of your delivery operations. Such details should include the average trip gas cost, stops made per day, and routes completed per day.
  • The service route planner should come with a mobile app for both Android and iOS to help you plan routes and monitor on-road activities while on the go.
  • The delivery route planner app should have an eSignature feature to help your drivers capture and store customer signatures on the app and facilitate paperless proof of delivery.

Route4Me offers all of these features and more to make route planning and scheduling seamless. In fact, delivery drivers that switch to Route4Me Route Planner from Circuit Route Planner, Routific Route planner, or Road Warrior Route Planner typically have an easier and faster experience planning their delivery routes.

#2 Ease of Use, Training, and Tutorials

You already have a lot on your plates and so you can’t spend hours learning how to plan routes and finding free driving directions.

In the same way, your drivers have to make faster deliveries on time, every time. So, it doesn’t make sense to choose a route planner that will make your and your drivers’ job harder instead of simplifying it.

Thus, the delivery planning software should require little learning for both your drivers and you which means it has to be extremely easy to use.

For example, features like in-app voice-guided navigation, including single stop navigation and continuous route navigation, can make navigation a breeze and help your drivers show up on time without any hassle.

Moreover, the route optimizer shouldn’t require buying new hardware.

The route plan app should also offer in-depth training materials that explain every feature and process step by step with images and screenshots and which are easy to comprehend.

However, there could be times when you require a bit of handholding.

So, make sure the trip planner software provider also offers an onboarding program to walk you through the software step by step initially and thereafter whenever you get stuck.

#3 Limitations on Route Planning and Optimization

You might want to consider a driving trip planner that supports your business growth and is scalable.

Think about it.

Today you might be okay using a multi-stop route planner app that only plans a certain number of routes, but what happens when your business grows and you need to plan thousands of routes for a hundred drivers?

So, the best route planner app for delivery drivers are scalable, allowing you limitless:

  • Route planning
  • Stops per routes
  • Data storage capacity to keep the records of your customers on various routes
  • Saved routes for planning and optimization of fixed routes

Also, consider if the route app is capable of evolving with your business, removing unnecessary routes and drivers as you move along.

This is only possible when the multi-stop route planner collects and uses information from your on-road operations, instead of depending on pre-compiled data. It will then be able to provide the best service to you.

#4 Trial and Support

A run-of-the-mill route planner app would require an upfront payment, while the best route planner app for delivery drivers in 2021 would ideally come with a trial period for your best interest.

Such a trial would help you first try the Android route planner or the route planner app for iPhone for a couple of days to see if it fits your expectations and your drivers’ needs.

After all, if the route app doesn’t save your fuel costs and your drivers cannot use it properly, then what even is the point?

Opting for a trial would also help you make quick decisions instead of researching, considering too many options, and wasting time with zero outcomes.

You can simply sign up for the trial, try and test the app for route planning and make the final call quickly if the route optimization software fits your bill.

Another crucial thing to look for is customer support.

Consider the following points to evaluate whether a delivery route planner app provider is truly the best routing app and deserves your hard-earned money:

  • It must offer easy and quick accessibility to the support staff so that you can contact them whenever you need assistance, rather than having to waste hours being on hold for answers.
  • The support team must be located in the US or another native English-speaking country to ensure the support staff understand your language and accent so they can solve your problems easily.
  • The support staff should be available throughout US office hours, but preferably 24/7.
  • They should offer multiple contact options, such as email, phone calls, and live chat.

Conclusion about Choosing the Best Route Planner App for Delivery Drivers

By following the above guide and asking the right questions you will surely find a delivery route planner app that is perfectly suited for your business.

If you want to learn more about how to choose the best route planner app for your delivery drivers, read these nine questions you must ask your route optimization software provider.

You can also look for these five points when trying out route planning software or apps for delivery drivers.

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