What Does FedEx Shipment Exception Mean? Answered (2024)

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Most Americans have used FedEx at some point to deliver or receive packages, as it’s one of the most reliable courier services in the country.

However, this isn’t to say that shipping carriers hit their mark 100 percent of the time, and some delays are simply inevitable. So, what do FedEx shipment exceptions mean?

What FedEx Shipment Exception Actually Means

FedEx Delivery Exceptions occur when there is an unexpected delay in the transit of your items or package.

The shipment exception depends on what caused the delay: customs, missing documentation, poor weather conditions, natural disasters, national holidays, vehicle/truck issues, or an unexpected event.

However, a FedEx shipment exception status doesn’t mean the shipment will arrive late.

When planning your shipment, you can prevent delivery exception delays by considering weather delays, public holidays, federal holidays, and customs clearances. It’s also a great idea to always have someone available to receive the items to avoid delays.

When Does FedEx Stop Delivering

10 “Delivery Exception” Status Codes

1. PMX

When your FedEx’s exception notice says PMX, the delivery driver returned the parcel to the warehouse. This is mainly due to the wrong address or because the delivery recipient had been unavailable.

Another delivery attempt is usually made within the following day.

2. Release Signature on File

A “Release Signature on File” on your tracking information means that FedEx has gotten a directive that they would only be able to release the parcel/delivery once they have
received a release signature authorized by the sender/recipient themselves.

3. Transfer of Custodial Control

A “Transfer of Custodial Control” on your tracking information simply means that there had been an internal exchange of your package among FedEx employees.

4. Received From/Released to an ODA Agent

“Received From/Released to an ODA Agent” means the recipient’s address is outside the primary delivery area.

FedEx has specific agents that deliver to extended service locations. This exception status means the item was referred to these specialized employees.

5. Commitment Not Due/Not Attempted

When you see “Commitment Not Due/Not Attempted” as FedEx delivery status, FedEx already has the package but might not deliver it immediately.

They might wait for the commitment delivery date before delivering the package.

6. Commodity/Dutiable Received at Port of Entry

“Commodity/Dutiable Received at Port of Entry” means that the destination country has received the commodity/dutiable items at the delivery port.

This status does not automatically mean that delivery will be delayed.

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7. Pickup Exception

A delivery labeled “Pickup Exception” means there had been a discrepancy with the pickup.

It could be that a package was received at a different location than the shipper indicated or that more than one pickup had been made.

8. Regulatory Agency Clearance Delay

When the status is labeled “Regulatory Agency Clearance Delay,” this means that there is a delay in customs for international shipping. The destination country’s Customs Authority has temporarily delayed the shipment for processing. [1]

9. Recipient Not In/Business Closed

The “Recipient Not In/Business Closed” status means that FedEx could attempt the delivery process; however, no one could receive the package.

10. Prerouted Meter Package

The “Prerouted Meter Package” status means a package was processed through the customer’s automated shipping software.

How Long Does It Last?

It depends. Most FedEx shipment exceptions’ durations depend on what had caused the delay in the first place.

However, assuming that most exceptions are resolved in less than a week is safe.

Will Your Package Still Be Delivered If It Says Delivery Exception?

Your package will still be delivered even if it says delivery exception. There might be some delays if you see packages with a shipping exception, but they might still arrive at their final destination on time.

What Should You Do If Your Package Says “Exception?”

A FedEx shipping exception might seem like the world’s end for online shoppers.

However, the right thing to do is to contact FedEx immediately so they can help you handle delivery exceptions.

You can ask them what the problem is and if there is any way you can resolve the shipping exceptions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about FedEx Shipment Exception

Should you contact FedEx to fix the shipment exception status?

Yes, contacting FedEx is best to fix the shipment exception status. However, the delivery exception status resolves itself within seven days most of the time.

Will an incorrect address mark your package with an exception status?

Yes, a wrong delivery address or label damage will mark your parcel with an exception status. The best way to combat delivery exceptions is to double-check the shipping label, especially customs forms, for international orders.

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Final Say

A FedEx delivery exception occurs when there is a problem with the delivery. The delivery exceptions can be due to several reasons, including natural disasters, severe weather conditions (making delivery routes impassable), customs delays, national holidays, or a delivery vehicle issue.

The first thing to do when faced with a FedEx shipment status exception is to contact FedEx customer service and find out if you can do anything to resolve the issue. In any
case, most FedEx shipment exceptions get resolved on their own in less than seven days of the delivery dates.

However, if the delay impacted your entire business operations, you can request a refund of the shipping charges.

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