When Does FedEx Stop Delivering: Answered (2024 Updated)

When Does FedEx Stop Delivering

Whether someone has sent a gift to you or the items you’ve checked out on Amazon have finally arrived, having a package on the way is undoubtedly a fun experience.

If you receive packages often, you probably already know everything about FedEx. But if you’re new to using the service, you might ask, “When does FedEx stop delivering?”

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FedEx’s Daily Cut-Off For Delivering Packages

FedEx’s daily cutoff for delivering packages is 8 pm, Monday through Friday [1]. If you opted for next-day delivery services, the cutoff times are different.

When FedEx sends you a message that the parcel will be delivered at the end of the day, expect it to arrive around 5 pm for FedEx Ground Delivery and 8 pm for FedEx Home Delivery.

A FedEx delivery driver delivers packages in San Francisco. FedEx Ground, formerly known as RPS, is a delivery service and a subsidiary of FedEx Corporation.
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FedEx Delivery Schedule By Service

FedEx’s delivery times vary by service. For Ground Delivery, the delivery window is from 8 am to 8 pm, Monday to Friday.

FedEx Home Delivery is available all days of the week. You can choose your preferred delivery date and 2-hour delivery window.

If you’re unavailable during the day, you can opt for FedEx Evening Home Delivery, where you can receive your package from 5 pm to 8 pm.

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What Happens If FedEx Is Late?

When FedEx misses their published delivery time, you can request a refund or credit of your shipping charges for FedEx Express in the US. They offer a money-back guarantee to all US shipments, including residential and commercial deliveries.

The money-back guarantee applies to those who chose the brokerage-inclusive option for FedEx International Ground shipments.

Why Its Delivery Times & Hours Vary

Distance Between Shipper & Receiver

The delivery times and hours vary depending on the distance between the shipper and the receiver. The greater the distance, the longer it will take for you to receive the package. For example, International shipping will take longer as the package must be cleared through customs.

Chosen Shipping Option

The delivery times depend on the delivery service. For FedEx Ground, delivery takes 1 to 5 days and the service hours are from 8 am to 8 pm, Monday to Friday. For special services like FedEx Overnight, you can receive the packages the following day as early as 8 am.

National Holidays & Weekends

If you choose FedEx Ground, FedEx doesn’t deliver packages on weekends. The delivery times also differ during national holidays. It’s best to check with them about their holiday service schedule.

Category Of Goods In Shipment

Choose a service appropriate for the goods you have to ship. For example, perishables must be shipped through FedEx Express Overnight and FedEx 1 Day Freight. By doing this, you can receive the package faster, preventing the goods from getting damaged. Perishables must not be shipped when required to transit over the weekend or holidays because it will take longer.

New York City, NY, USA - July 7, 2015: FedEx Express truck in midtown Manhattan. FedEx is one of the leading package delivery services offering many different delivery options.
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What are FedEx’s Specialty Services?

FedEx Custom Critical is FedEx’s Specialty Service. If you want to expedite your freight shipping and require temperature control or increased security for the goods, this is the service you must choose.


Does FedEx deliver on Sunday?

It depends. FedEx delivers on Sunday, provided that you choose the FedExHome service. You can check out FedEx Ground and Home delivery service maps to look for availability.

Can you track your FedEx package delivery?

Yes, you can track your FedEx package delivery by visiting FedEx’s website. You can also use FedEx Delivery Manager to monitor your packages and receive alerts and notifications.

Final Verdict

The feeling of anticipation when you know your package is on the way is always fun. If you’re waiting for a letter or an important package to arrive, you feel like you want time to pass by faster to get your hands on the item. However, delivery mishaps might get you disappointed.

To ensure that your package arrives safely, choose a transport company with various service options that might suit you well. FedEx, for example, has a variety of delivery services to ensure you receive the package faster and in good condition.

Ensure you know the delivery times of your chosen service so you can get the package at the right time.

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