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Customer Service

What Customers Expect from a Farm to Door Delivery Service

Farm to door delivery has become more important than ever. The low touch factor is especially a big draw at a time when a trip to the supermarket would involve substantial health risks and anxiety. People are also looking for the convenience of having fruits and vegetables delivered to their doorsteps. By meeting the dynamic […]

5 Tips For Taking Customer Experience To The Next Level

The internet, globalization, and other modern factors have burdened businesses with more competition than ever before. It’s much more difficult to set yourself apart than it used to be. That makes customer experience especially important. When competitors have similar price points and product quality – which is so often the case in today’s crowded business […]

Four Techniques to Optimize This Customer Mapping Tool

You can’t have a business without customers. How do you convince potential customers to start using your service? And how do you make sure the customers you already have don’t abandon you for one of your competitors? There’s no simple answer to those questions, but it certainly helps to keep up with cutting edge technology. […]

Top 7 Must-Know Strategies For Reducing Fuel Costs

Gas ain’t cheap. Businesses that send employees out to meet with their customers are very aware of this fact. Every dollar spent on gas is a dollar that could have been used for something else instead. Figuring out how to use less gas allows businesses to increase their profit margins significantly. So, what can you […]