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What Customers Expect from a Farm to Door Delivery Service

Farm to door delivery has become more important than ever. The low touch factor is especially a big draw at a time when a trip to the supermarket would involve substantial health risks and anxiety. People are also looking for the convenience of having fruits and vegetables delivered to their doorsteps. By meeting the dynamic […]

In-House vs. Third-Party Delivery: Which Is Right for You?

Should you outsource your deliveries or keep it in-house? This is an age-old dilemma that has only become more evident with the rising consumer expectations due to the digital revolution. Consumers now expect same-day delivery or even same-hour delivery, thanks to Amazon. In fact, according to a report, 40% of shoppers say waiting for two […]

5 Ways to Stand out and Get Noticed as a Delivery Driver

There’s a pretty good chance that, in this lifetime, we’ll see delivery drones and autonomous trucks delivering packages to customers. However, given the regulatory hurdles, it might take a few more years for self-driving trucks to be available to the masses and so human drivers will continue to deliver packages for some time. Yet, as […]