Last Mile Delivery eBook

“There is nothing wrong with change…if it is in the right direction.” 

— Winston Churchill 

The pandemic affected everyone – from small, local businesses to multinational giants. 

Customers worldwide changed their behavior radically, and the eCommerce demand went through the roof overnight. Drone delivery made its debut. Some businesses’ supply chain operations were slowed down or even completely stopped. Some industries struggled to survive while others thrived. 

What happened in 2020? It sure felt like the apocalypse for some industries – but not for eCommerce and the last mile. 

Even though it might sound like a cliché, it’s true: the only constant in the last mile delivery world is change. Yet, the COVID-19 pandemic took the last mile by surprise with an unprecedented surge in demand. 

How did delivery businesses respond to this global phenomenon? Have they managed to tackle the massive amount of orders? If they did, how? What helped them succeed? Is their strategy sustainable in the long run? Should you follow their example? Or is there a better way to do it? And, most importantly, what can we learn from this? 

This eBook offers answers to all of these questions by exploring how the pandemic affected the last mile and eCommerce sectors, what the post-COVID-19 future will look like, and how you can adapt your business operations to the new reality so you can get ahead of the curve. What’s next? 

Based on the change in customers’ behavior and shopping preferences, the eCommerce demand will undoubtedly keep growing. And the last mile has to deliver. Now it’s a great time to optimize your last-mile operation or start offering last-mile delivery services. After all, ​“he who fails to prepare prepares to fail.” 

Dive in to discover how you can win the last mile. Find out what technologies and modern software can help you plan faster and more cost-effective routes, reduce your operating and payroll expenses, and improve your bottom line in the face of uncertainty and ever-evolving customer demands. 

This resource’s sole purpose is to help you adapt to the new changes that revolutionize the last mile and disrupt normality as we know it. 

Can you imagine servicing more stops and earning more with your existing or even smaller fleet and fewer drivers? You don’t have to dream about it anymore.

Download this eBook to find out how you can achieve that.

About author: Rahul Dasgupta

Rahul Dasgupta is a content writer with over 20 years of work experience. He holds a master’s degree in computer science and has written thousands of blog posts on route planning and scheduling, making it easy for readers to learn about these complex topics. Rahul enjoys playing tennis in his spare time and loves cuddling with his pet labrador Shinu. Rahul is a big fan of Roger Federer, Messi, and Bill Gates - he admires their drive to be the best at what they do and their philanthropic efforts.