15 Best EMS Dispatching Software In 2024 (Updated Guide)

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Emergency Medical Services (EMS) software is essential for EMS agencies, critical care services, and fire departments to efficiently manage staff and other resources.

It prevents error by providing critical information in real-time, helps in performance monitoring, and allows first responders to perform quick responses.

So if you’re searching for scheduling software, read on as we’ve rounded up the best EMS dispatching software, ideal for staff and fleet management.

Top 15 Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Dispatching Software

1. TCP Aladtec Scheduling

First on the list of the best EMS software is TCP Aladtec Scheduling.

Emergency medical services should have prompt transportation to provide quick assessment and appropriate interventions at the right time.

With the EMS scheduling software from TCP Aladtec, you can get instant access to manual and automatic features, from scheduling to tracking.

It helps with compliance management and automatically approves shift schedules, perfect for EMS service, communication dispatch, and law enforcement.

Average Price: Starts at $166 per year


  • Customizable dashboard
  • Provide overtime calculations
  • Offers 24/7 support
  • Features advanced scheduling
  • Provide mobile apps


  • Pay more for add-on features

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2. ESO EMS Dispatch

Another dispatching software for emergency medical services, ESO Electronic Health Record, streamlines the creation of standard clinical documentation.

It applies computer-aided dispatch, helping in location verification, fleet management, medical recordkeeping, and customer relationship management.

This software enables the creation of a call queue, tracking call triage data, seeing patient history, and features phone bank software.

Aside from location services, dispatchers can access patients’ records and billing data.

Average Price: Starts at $99 per user/month


  • Utilizes computer-aided dispatch
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Offers real-time updates
  • Ensure accurate locations
  • Improve communications


  • Lacks customization
  • Questionnaires not for large providers

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3. Pulsara

Pulsara is the best emergency medical services software for medical professionals, allowing teams to be flexible and transparent in their schedules.

This software allows emergency teams and other medical professionals to customize alerts, do live video group calls, streamline patient handoff, and access patient records.

Average Price: Starts at $14.90 per user/month


  • Clear and accurate communication
  • Easy integration
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Features activity dashboard
  • Allows live video group calls


  • Without record details
  • Lacks document management

4. Aladtec

Emergency medical services aim to deliver quick interventions to simple injuries and fatal conditions.

Thus, Aladtec EMS software is a handy tool to ensure medical professionals are informed about their schedules and easily communicate with the team.

It features an electronic signature, employee database, alerts, activity tracking, equipment tracking, and appointment scheduling.

Average Price: Pricing by request


  • Free trial available
  • Customizable reports
  • Allows third-party integrations
  • Edit schedule real-time
  • Generate and export reports


  • Hard to read graphically
  • Difficult to create a schedule

5. Zoll RescueNet Dispatch

Zoll RescueNet Dispatch is designed for emergency medical services and fire departments, utilizing a computer-aided dispatch system.

It allows emergency teams to respond quickly, streamline communications, and provide efficient outcomes.

This software features equipment tracking, questionnaire functions, and a highly visual user interface to assess employee performance and improve operations.

Average Price: (Quote depends on the business needs)


  • Enables two-way communication
  • Minimizes errors and workload
  • Uses computer-aided dispatch
  • Measures employee performance
  • Track resources real-time


  • Don’t feature patient records
  • Limited management tools

6. Emergency Reporting

The perfect tool for fire departments, Emergency Reporting, is modular software that enables tracking, managing, and analyzing the occurrence in fire stations.

It is also ideal for emergency medical services as it features a patient database, billable items tracking, electronic signature, and equipment tracking. This tool allows users to manage fleets, employee shifts, and supply.

Average Price: Starts at $850 per month


  • Free trial available
  • Intuitive and functional
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Provide NFIRS-compliant incident reports
  • Track resources real-time


  • Mobile app limited feature
  • Don’t generate daily reports

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7. AIM EMS Dispatch

AIM EMS Dispatch is the ideal software for facilities that offer emergency medical services, featuring billing services, availability indicators, and HIPAA compliance.

It helps with dispatch monitoring, collects electronic signature, and feature a patient database to improve flexibility, workflow, and revenue.

This software also provides detailed reports to help in making informed decisions immediately.

Average Price: Custom pricing by request


  • Removes redundant data entry
  • Varied EMS services
  • Accurate and on-time calls
  • Region and federal regulations compliance
  • Allows shift assignments


  • Lacks management tools
  • No equipment tracking

8. Traumasoft EMS Dispatch

Now, if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution that can handle emergency medical services operations, then Traumasoft EMS Dispatch is the best choice.

This software offers electronic patient care reporting and field data, which provide access to ePCR data, electronic records, and patient data on paper forms.

It also features a CAD system, real-time routes, billing data, reports, and a scheduler.

Average Price: (Quote depends on the business needs)


  • Easy to use
  • Offers a variety of features
  • Affordable tool
  • Ensure real-time routes
  • Obtain reports with ease


  • Limited customization settings
  • Weekly updates cause bugs

9. ImageTrend Elite

ImageTrend Elite is another EMS software to consider, ideal for emergency medical service providers, rescue teams, and health information hubs.

It provides essential tools to help collect data and reports quickly, packed in a free mobile app. With ImageTrend Elite, users can import data, export billing, and send ePCR records electronically.

Average Price: (Quote depends on the business needs)


  • Free version available
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Varying features for different teams
  • Collects electronic data
  • In-app communication


  • Features vary per device
  • Support on business hours only

10. New World Public Safety

Previously called Aegis Public Safety, the New World Public Safety EMS software helps streamline logistic operations.

It offers a CAD system to EMS agencies, fire departments, and law enforcement, featuring improved mapping tools and a centralized database.

New World Public Safety also features records management, mobile computing, and correction management.

Average Price: $25 one-time payment


  • CAD system for varying sectors
  • Seamless integration
  • Varying management tools
  • 24/7 customer support
  • State and federal regulations compliance


  • Lacks field reporting
  • No real-time updates

11. ESO Scheduling

This EMS scheduling software from ESO is a web-based tool that enables hospitals and emergency medical services agencies to manage employee schedules.

It provides a centralized database where users can swap schedules, make time off, and helps with payroll.

Also, it features reporting tools and a Message Center, which connects managers and employees.

Average Price: Starts from $795


  • Enables shift assignment
  • Improve organization communication
  • Affordable scheduling software
  • Ease of use
  • Records employees attendance


  • No free version
  • The mobile app lacks some features

12. Schedule360

Another functional scheduling software for small to large healthcare providers, Schedule360, is a cloud-based tool that helps adjust employee schedules in real-time.

It’s a highly cost-effective tool customized based on the user’s needs, offering free set-up, training, and 24/7 support.

Moreover, it allows rule-based scheduling, provides alerts of employee schedules, and gathers reports and analytics.

Average Price: Custom pricing by request


  • Customizable schedule templates
  • Shift schedule real-time
  • Calculates employee overtime
  • Tracks employee performance
  • Automatic scheduling


  • Without mobile app
  • Online scheduling is not available

13. ePro Scheduler Plus

ePro Scheduler Plus is an employee scheduling software utilized by fire departments, EMS agencies, and small and big enterprises.

This EMS software features reports, analytics, a time clock, an availability indicator, and collects electronic signatures.

In addition, it assists with shift and fleet management and allows shift swapping and tracking resources in real-time.

Average Price: Starts at $50 per month


  • Free trial available
  • Ease of use
  • Automated scheduling
  • Gathers reports and analytics
  • In-app customer support


  • Mobile view challenging to use
  • Lacks compliance management

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14. PowerPhone

PowerPhone EMS software focuses on handling emergency calls, which helps 911 centers gather more information on callers through questionnaire templates.

It enables quick response by applying standard call handling utilized by emergency medical dispatch, fire stations, and police departments.

This software also allows supervisors to monitor calls in real-time, assess call handlers’ performance, and customize scripts.

Average Price: (Quote depends on the business needs)


  • Receive real-time and vital calls
  • Provides quality reports
  • Unlimited access to self-paced training
  • Efficient and seamless
  • Pinpoint accurate locations


  • A free version is not available
  • Lacks scheduling features

15. ESO Resource Planner

Lastly, ESO Resource Planner EMS software is made for emergency medical services and fire departments and is packed with tools for tracking assets.

It helps determine when to procure and retire an asset without the guesswork. This makes managing resources easier and helps users create a plan and budget.

Furthermore, it features built-in dashboards, maintenance plans, real-time reports, and a complete inventory of your resources.

Average Price: (Quote depends on the business needs)


  • Easy to use
  • Real-time reporting
  • Collect data fields
  • Plan maintenance
  • Customizable user interface


  • Lacks billing tools
  • Limited features

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about EMS Software

Who uses EMS software?

Emergency medical teams commonly utilize EMS software since they have to provide prompt and timely healthcare services. It also benefits a medical facility that offers ambulatory services and fire departments. Also, it helps payroll professionals since it acts as timekeeping software and contains employee hours.

What features should I look for in EMS dispatching software?

Since emergency medical services focus on providing patients with immediate care, the key features EMS software should have are patients database and scheduling tools. It should also feature fleet management, a compliant schedule, electronic signature, time off requests for manager approval, and other custom data.

How does EMS dispatching software work?

EMS software enables automated planning and scheduling to ensure medical professionals and drivers know their duties and provide them with immediate access to patient data. Aside from vehicle management, it helps save time on creating reports, reducing the need for anyone from your staff to perform manual entry.

In A Nutshell

EMS software makes everything easier, from scheduling medical team shifts to gathering patient records in one place.

You can enjoy basic features or pay more for integrated systems with a few hundred dollars. If you haven’t decided which tool to use, refer to this guide of the best EMS software vendors.

Also, we recommend using track routing apps for your business, like Route4Me Route Planner, to get optimized routes. So sign up now and get a 7-day free trial for your fleet.


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