6 Effective Door-to-Door Sales Strategies

7 effective door-to-door sales strategies
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“Bane of My Existence” – Says: Every Door to Door Salesman Ever

Online marketing has placed the world at your fingertips. By clicking a few buttons or flipping a few virtual switches, your marketing campaigns can be live for the target audience.

But, sometimes even the most reliable digital marketing tactics fail to produce the desired results because of saturation. So, what worked seven years ago may not work efficiently today.

For example, you cannot place a banner ad on a website today and expect every visitor to click it.

And, with the rise of digital marketing, we have been neglecting old-school methods like door-to-door sales for quite some time now. But, that does not mean that door-to-door sales is dead.

In fact, with everybody jumping on the digital marketing bandwagon, old-school marketing tricks are not as saturated as they once were.

So, customers are more receptive to them now than ever before. Also, using this strategy allows you to engage directly with potential customers and explain your offerings in person, thus building a connection that paid advertising cannot match.

Door-to-door sales or knocking on doors is a lead-generation strategy used by businesses looking to secure prospects while keeping expenses at a minimum.

It started in the early 20th century when sales reps would go knocking on potential customers’ doors. Back then, there were no mobile phones, fax machines, or the internet and the sales reps physically had to go door-to-door to sell their products.

The fact that customers are receptive to door-to-door sales again is one side of the coin. The other side is that door-to-door sales can be one of the toughest ways to sell, both mentally and physically. It can be intimidating at times.

However, if you have a fantastic product, a convincing sales pitch, and a great company backing you, then why worry?

So, how to do door to door business sales? or how to sell products door to door?

Effective Door-to-Door Sales Strategies

At some point in every sales rep’s career, a manager will tell them that door-knocking is a great way to spark customers’ interest and generate leads.

Although it is good advice, not many sales reps are willing to take it. This is because door-to-door sales is hard since getting a stranger to trust you and buy your product is not easy.

So, even with little success, sales reps need to keep their heads up and continue making cold calls until they succeed.

So how to be a great door-to-door salesman?

We have put together seven door-to-door sales strategies that will set you up for success.

#1 Use Doorknob Hangers to Reach out to Missed Opportunities

Unless you are knocking on doors early in the mornings or at dinnertime, you will probably encounter a lot of closed doors. You can use the absence of the prospects as an opportunity to share printed information with them.

For example, when you head out for door-to-door sales, be prepared with business cards, fliers, doorknob hangers, postcards, or small tokens to leave at people’s doors so they can contact you if they want your product or service or if they can refer someone. Such fliers or doorknob hangers will catch the attention of the absent customers when they return.

#2 Write and Practice a Powerful Script

Even if you think that reading a script is going to make you nervous or you may sound like a cheesy sales representative, you still need a basic idea of what you are going to say. This means that you need to come up with a good script and practice it before going out on calls.

When someone answers the door when you knock, you must be prepared with a compelling script to start an engaging door-knocking conversation.

#3 Hit Four Ws Right Away

When you knock on a door and the resident stops whatever they are doing to answer the door, they would want to know four details right away:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What are you doing here?
  3. Where are you from?
  4. When will you leave?

Whether you are there to invite them to a free sample distribution event, educate them about your product, or for any other reason, you need to hit your four Ws right away.

#4 Adopt the Right Body Language

Some people may be a little suspicious of a stranger standing on their porch. And, if you look suspicious or your body language seems unfriendly, they may not even open the door for you.

So, to send the right message, practice open body language. Do not pace, cross your arms or stand in front of someone. This can be intimidating.

In fact, you should preferably stand off slightly to the side or a few feet back, instead of standing in the door. And, regardless of how tired or upset you are, always smile and keep your thoughts positive. This will reflect in your demeanor and body language.

Door-to-door salesman talking to a potential customer
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#5 Be Prepared to Answer Questions

Even if you think you have mastered the art of door-to-door selling, you will not convert any leads if you cannot answer the prospects’ questions confidently. Once you get your foot in the potential buyer’s door, the conversation can head in any direction.

It is thus advisable that you think about as many questions that might be asked and come up with answers to steer the discussion towards your sales goals. This means that doing your homework is essential before heading out to knock on doors.

Spend a few hours studying your product literature or your company website to answer almost every possible question confidently.

#6 Dress Appropriately for Your Market

Do not wear a suit and tie just because your manager tells you to do so. Casual pants and a shirt are good enough. However, whatever you wear should be professional enough and help to control whatever impressions the prospects may have about a stranger knocking at their doors. Of course, you must dress for the weather and wear comfortable shoes that get you through miles of walking.

Conclusion about Door-to-Door Sales Strategies

You may hear that door-to-door sales is dead, but this is not true.

Door-to-door sales is still an efficient and cost-effective strategy for businesses looking for growth and differentiation. A lot of work goes into training sales reps and targeting potential customers, but people who talk with door-to-door sales reps are ultimately more likely to take an interest in a product and buy it.

So, instead of wondering why door-to-door sales is making a comeback, why not implement these strategies to help your sales reps adjust their pitches and look their best.

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