How Route Planning Software Can Help You Get Employees On Board With GPS Tracking

How Route Planning Software Can Help You Get Employees On Board With GPS Tracking
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How do you ensure your drivers follow your directions?

How do you validate and manage their complaints… such as timesheet disputes?

Well… if you plan your routes with pen and paper, then there is no way you can do this automatically. You’ll have to solely depend on your drivers and believe what they say.

But, that’s not the case when you embrace a GPS tracking solution of route planning software. If you’re already planning to consider such a solution, then you’re on the right track.

Yet, most logistics businesses think that a tracking solution can only check real-time locations. That is indeed the biggest advantage, but it is not the only one.

With a tracking solution like multi stop route planner, you can do much more. You can:

  • Monitor, analyze, and reduce fuel expenses,
  • Schedule maintenance reminders for services, such as oil changes and tire rotations,
  • Analyze maintenance reports for tracking the costs of maintaining each vehicle in the fleet,
  • Increase dispatch efficiency and complete more stops per day,
  • Identify drivers who pad their hours to increase their paychecks, and
  • Make the drivers accountable for their behavior.

These points emphasize how your business can benefit from such a solution. But, communicating and convincing your drivers is not as easy.

After all, no one wants to get caught doing something they shouldn’t be doing. This applies to your drivers as well.

Your drivers may not want to accept this because they might think it will affect their daily work. They may also think that you will invade their privacy and micromanage their behavior.

… And, if drivers get paid more by falsifying their hours, they won’t like a solution that will “lower their income”.

So, the most important and difficult step lies in convincing them to embrace it. Otherwise, both your time and money investment will go in vain.

But, the question is: How can you do this?

The answer is: You can easily encourage them to adopt the tracking solution by showing them “what’s in it for me“. You need to show them how it can help them and not just your business.

Are you wondering how?

Well, then read on. We discuss several convincing strategies to persuade your drivers to adopt the tracking solution.

Immediate Roadside Assistance

A vehicle can break down whenever. And, you know how it can create problems for both your business and your drivers.

It could be more damaging if a vehicle suffers a breakdown in a remote area with no addresses or street signs. However, with routing software, you can pinpoint the vehicle’s exact location.

In this way, you can immediately send road assistance to your drivers, such as:

  • Towing,
  • Fuel delivery to disabled vehicles,
  • Tire changes if a flat occurs,
  • Jump starts, and
  • Locksmith and winch services.

This applies even when your drivers get lost, travel in unsafe areas or drive late at night. You can even send help in case of emergencies due to road accidents.

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Fewer Customer Disputes

How does your driver handle disputes when a customer complains about a late delivery? Even if he or she is not responsible.

Well… practically, there is no way out of this if you believe in manual route planning. So, such instances can lead to arguments and prove to be fatal to your business.

But, a vehicle tracking solution helps defend drivers in customer disputes with ease.

Are you wondering how?

Well… this is because you can generate a comprehensive report. The report could show the exact time the vehicle arrived and how long it stayed at the location.

… And, if your driver is right, your customer will have no reason to fight with them or your business.

Keep Your Drivers On Schedule

Route Planning Software Improves Productivity

With a vehicle tracking solution, you can track the roads to avoid during peak hours or after sunset.

Also, you can analyze how long it takes for a driver to drive from one stop to another. And, you can see how long they need to stay at a specific customer’s location.

Such information helps you add relevant constraints to the route planner. You will then get a 100% accurate optimized route. This means that your drivers don’t need to circle the same spot or get stuck in traffic.

You can easily identify and reroute the closest vehicle to a new request. This will reduce customer response times and improve your drivers’ productivity. This will then lead to more deliveries in the same time as before.

Without any extra effort, you can thus ensure:

  • More sales,
  • Improved customer satisfaction, and
  • Zero worries about job security and high income for the drivers.

Improves Drivers’ Behavior

Frustration and anger are pretty common among drivers as most of their time is spent on the road, dealing with all of the chaos.

This often leads to aggressive driving and can even lead to road rage.

Road rage is a criminal offense and aggressive driving is a traffic offense. So, it is important to counsel your drivers to stay calm on the road to avoid unfortunate incidents. This is possible by using a tracking solution like route planner app.

For example, you will be notified in real-time if a driver speeds up or drives recklessly.

You can set up a speeding alert by adding criteria like speed thresholds, time, day, and type of vehicle. This will ensure you get an automatic notification via email or text as soon as a violation occurs. You can even create speeding reports to share with the drivers to improve their behavior.

You can also monitor fast acceleration, hard breaking and other risky driving behavior.

This doesn’t only protect your drivers from potential accidents. It also protects your business from hassles and costs associated with potential lawsuits.

So, if you make your drivers aware of these benefits, they should be more acceptable towards being tracked.

After all… those that fight it the most, usually have something to hide.

If you’re still considering going for a vehicle tracking solution, then you should do it now. Most businesses have started moving to business-grade vehicle route planning software. So, if you’re still hesitant to embrace it, then you risk staying behind the competition.

Therefore, to stay competitive and prevent losing business, get a GPS tracking solution now!

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