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How Does GPS Tracking Work?

These days, GPS technology is everywhere. From laptops to phones to cars, just about everything you can own is trackable. You may have very well tracked your own vehicle using your mobile’s GPS feature but if you’re out seeking more about how does GPS tracking work, you’re in for a treat. In the business world, […]

Garden City USD 457 To Use GPS Tracking In School Buses

USD 457, the school district that serves students in Garden City, Kansas, has just invested in GPS tracking for its school buses. Kansas is prone to extreme weather, as the state regularly experiences thunderstorms and tornadoes. Sometimes, heavy snowfall is also an issue. When severe weather events happen, parents in Garden City have to call their school to […]

GPS Tracking Protects Vehicles And Cargo From Theft

There are many reasons why you should invest in GPS tracking for your business.  GPS tracking will help you control fuel expenses. It will make your drivers more productive. Also, it can protect your vehicles and packages from theft. On the afternoon of July 3, a tractor-trailer was stolen on Reagen’s Industrial Parkway in Bradford, Ontario. Luckily for the South Simcoe […]

Facebook Becomes Latest Enterprise To Adopt GPS Tracking

Major companies continue to create innovative uses for GPS tracking. Last week, we learned that Domino’s will use GPS tracking to ensure that pizzas are still warm when customers arrive to pick them up. This week, an even bigger business announced a commitment to GPS tracking technology. Facebook is partnering with several software companies, including Square, Marketo, and LiveRamp, to provide […]

Domino’s To Use GPS Tracking On Customers

Companies using GPS tracking to let customers know where their drivers are in real-time is nothing new. GPS tracking is how Uber and Lyft users are able to see the locations of the closest available rides, and it allows users of food delivery apps such as Caviar and GrubHub to know exactly how long it […]

GPS Tracking To Help Solve Prison Overcrowding

GPS tracking isn’t just for delivery companies. Soon, it will be used to help prisons keep track of inmates. According to Tristate Homepage, the Vanderburgh County Jail has hit a record number of 680 inmates. That is more than 100 people over its maximum capacity. To tackle this overcrowding issue, Sheriff Dave Wedding proposed using GPS trackers for low-level offenders. […]