How To Make Your Drivers Comfortable With Tracking Devices

How To Make Your Drivers Comfortable With Tracking Devices

It’s clear why businesses would want to use tracking devices. It allows them to make sure their drivers are actually working while they’re on the clock.

But when a business starts using GPS tracking devices, they often face pushback from their drivers.

That’s understandable – no one likes being spied on. GPS tracking doesn’t only benefit business owners, though. There’s something in it for employees as well.

By following these three steps, you can convince your drivers to become comfortable with tracking devices.

1. Be Upfront

It’s true that, in most cases, you can legally track your employees without their knowledge.

That doesn’t mean you should do it.

Eventually, your employees are going to find out that you’ve been tracking them. After all, one of the main reasons to track your drivers is so that you can confront them if you see them straying from their routes. That’s not something you can keep under wraps.

Your employees are sure to be offended if they discover you’ve been tracking them secretly. Top talent could even quit in protest.

You’ll be much better off if you’re honest with your employees from the get-go. Tell your staff that you’ll be tracking them. This conversation might be awkward, but it’s a conversation you need to have.

2. Show Them How It Keeps Them Safe

GPS tracking devices improve driver safety.

When they’re not being tracked, drivers sometimes make a couple personal stops in the middle of their routes, which forces them to speed to make up for lost time. Speeding, of course, increasing their chances of getting into an accident.

When they are being tracked, drivers know they won’t be able to get away with making personal stops or driving recklessly. They’ll waste less time and put themselves at less risk.

3. Show Them How It Helps Their Careers

When an employee works hard, they want to be recognized for it. They want to be rewarded. Why else would they put in any extra effort?

The problem is that it’s difficult to evaluate employees when you’re in the office and they’re on the road.

Tracking devices fix this problem. They show you what your employees are doing no matter how far away they are, so you can accurately evaluate your employees. Raises and promotions will go to those who deserve them the most. That’ll motivate your drivers to do their best every single day.

Any employee that wants a safer, fairer work environment should welcome the adoption of GPS tracking devices.


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