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Over 20% of Food Delivery Customers Face Problems with Their Orders. What’s Your Story?

Man from food delivery service bring pizza and coffee. Hands in protective mask.
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The pandemic has caused several restaurants to stop serving their customers in-store to comply with the required safety measures and go heavy on food delivery. So, food logistics companies saw a surge in demand.

The food delivery market experienced almost 67% growth around March 2020 and saw a 63% jump in online delivery orders, according to a report by the NPD Group in May 2020.

While the demand for food delivery has gone up, so are the challenges associated with it.

Almost 20% of the corresponding consumers faced problems with their orders, according to First Orion’s survey conducted among 2000 customers. This does not augur well for restaurants or food delivery firms.

Some of the major problems reported by the customers surveyed revolved around late deliveries, incorrect orders being delivered, orders not being delivered at all, rude customer service, cold food being delivered, and the driver requiring a lot of guidance to find the delivery location.

We look at the delivery problems in this article and discuss the possible solutions that you can adopt to improve your customer experience in the future.

Late Delivery

The biggest issue was clearly delayed delivery of an order with almost 50% of the customers surveyed indicating this problem. The delivery personnel often stated the following reasons for the delays:

  • The location was not easy to find and so the driver got lost.
  • A longer route was suggested to the driver.
  • The driver had to deliver another order simultaneously.

In fact, many customers also expressed irritation at having to provide directions to delivery drivers despite having entered the correct address in the delivery app.

Potential Solutions

A highly effective solution to the late delivery issue is adopting route optimization software. A delivery routing software takes care of the vehicle route problem and will help you plan well-optimized routes that reduce your drivers’ driving time on the road and provide them with the most accurate directions from one address to another.

With such software, you don’t even need to worry about the traveling salesman problem, bad weather, or traffic as the delivery scheduling software will factor in such constraints while planning the routes.

The software also factors in sunrise and sunset times, one-ways, left turns, delivery time windows, under-construction roads, and load, weight, and height constraints.

All this means that you just need to take a minute of your time to upload the customer addresses into the software, set some parameters and the route will be ready.

You can even reroute a delivery in real-time, if any unanticipated situations arise, such as a vehicle breakdown, to ensure you still make the affected deliveries on time.

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Cold Food Being Delivered

Customers order food online so that they can relax and wait for their hot food to arrive. However, many customers complained that they received food that was cold and not fresh.

This generally happens when the delivery personnel uses longer routes than necessary to deliver an order or try to deliver too many orders in the same locality or area. In the latter case, the customer who gets his or her delivery last will likely receive cold food.

And, after awaiting their orders eagerly, customers will surely be annoyed if they get cold food.

Potential Solutions

You’re likely experiencing a significant rise in the number of food delivery orders after the lockdown and things can sometimes understandably get chaotic with too many orders being received at the same time. But, you must ensure that all your food orders are still tasty.

Without a delivery route planner app, you’ll need to keep a watch on such peak time intervals every day and accordingly employ more delivery personnel at your service at least for those hours.

This means increased expenses and wasted productive time. And, after all that, you’ll still not be able to make your logistics for food delivery foolproof.

So, it’s best to adopt a route planner app. Such software will help you manage peak delivery times easily while factoring in the many other constraints explained above.

Also, the software will help you provide your drivers with the best sequence of stops so that each of your customers gets food while it’s still hot.

With route optimization software, you won’t even need to hire additional drivers or buy or rent more vehicles. The software will help your drivers avoid long routes which means that they can make more stops in less time.

Moreover, the best route planners come with an integrated GPS tracking feature that helps you track your vehicles and drivers in real-time.

So, if your drivers take more time than usual, drive aggressively (which will make them more likely to have road mishaps), or even get stuck on the road due to a sudden breakdown, you’ll immediately know about it all.

You can then either communicate to the drivers to rectify their behaviors or send roadside assistance to help with the breakdown and re-optimize the routes to avoid any delays.

Lack of Communication

This is an issue highlighted by customers because many food delivery companies or apps use an unknown number to call customers to notify them when certain items are unavailable or to verify the exact address.

And, as highlighted in the survey by First Orion, around 62% of the customers missed a call from food delivery because they couldn’t identify the number.

This means that the customers are not being informed about any issues with their orders in advance and so they are likely to be offended.

Also, as per the same NPD group survey mentioned above, around 37% of the customers surveyed stated that incorrect delivery was an issue.

Of course, no customer can tolerate it.

Potential Solutions

Using appropriate communication methods is essential for good customer service. You don’t want to leave the customers feeling deprived of anything and so you have to start using branded phone calls.

In other words, you need to make phone calls that are labeled so that your customers know who is calling them which will increase the chances of them picking up the phone.

Using a multi-stop route planner is another solution to this problem.

The best route planners come with a customer portal feature that helps customers track their deliveries on their own. So, neither party needs to call up the other to ask for or give delivery status updates.

Moreover, a route planner comes with a customer alert and notification feature that automatically notifies customers whenever their food is out for delivery or near their locations.

The Verdict about Food Delivery

You might see good demand for food delivery, but that also means that you need to be well prepared to provide the best possible customer service.

Many other businesses are struggling to stay afloat, while you have customers knocking at your door to place orders.

So, you need to take all possible measures, as discussed above, to optimize your customer service with regard to online food delivery.

So how do you make sure your customers do not face any problems with their orders? Do you have any questions? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

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