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The Modern Rules of Logistics Planning

The logistics industry has been going through a lot of rough patches for the last couple of years. Earlier logistics was treated like an isolated operation from the rest of the product life cycle and was never efficient. So, for the last 10 years, the logistics transportation industry has struggled with: Meeting promised delivery schedules […]

Why Falling for a Mediocre Routing Platform Won’t Let You Map Anything

Throwing away pen and paper, and even your outdated route optimizer can mean significant savings to your field service business. With fuel and vehicle maintenance costs at the top of one’s mind for most field service business owners, it is essential to keep vehicles running as efficiently as possible, which means careful route planning. Think […]

The 3 Essential Components Route Optimization Software Must Have

Route optimization software is a must-have tool for courier services, sales organizations, and all other businesses that send employees out to meet with their customers. Such software helps you meet service delivery deadlines, which improves customer satisfaction. It allows you to serve more customers and expand your business without hiring more employees. It’ll save you money on […]

Bring The Future Into The Present With Route Planning Software

According to time management guru Alan Lakein, “planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now”. This philosophy makes every task easier, especially route planning. When you account for potential obstacles before you run into them, you can make sure your drivers arrive on time. It’s hard to account for such […]

How a Trip Planner Makes Route Planning Seamless

Manual route planning can be a nightmare. Besides figuring out which roads your employees must take to get to your clients, you also need to account for the traffic, weather, construction, customer availability, and so on. And, if you have loads of customers and drivers, doing so can take you hours, even days. Doing such […]