How Much Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Make In Tips? (2024)

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It goes without saying that pizza is a well-liked dish. Therefore, pizza delivery jobs and drivers are available all over the nation to bring this cheesy goodness to your door.

As most people give tips, you might wonder how much pizza delivery drivers make in tips. And do they keep all the tips? Let’s all find out by reading on.

How Much Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Get In Tips?

Aside from the average pay, pizza delivery drivers can earn more through tips. Drivers can make an average of $50 per day in tips.

Pizza delivery drivers typically make a decent wage.

However, several factors, such as their experience level, the business they work for, and the tips they get from clients, will affect how much they can earn.

If you’re thinking of hustling being a pizza delivery driver, you can typically earn up to $11-13 per hour. But if you have past experience related to the job, you can make closer to around $14-19 per hour.

Of course, the company you work for will also impact your actual earnings. Initially, some pizza businesses might pay more per hour than others.

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Average Tips Earned By Pizza Delivery Drivers


Per Hour:

Per hour, you can earn around $5 to $10 on tips. This is feasible if you can deliver 2 to 3 orders hourly.

But if you can deliver over three pizza orders per hour, you can earn more than that amount.

Per Night:

You can earn around $50 to $80 in tips per night. Of course, you can earn more depending on how many orders you deliver and the tip you’ll receive.


Per Hour

On weekends, drivers can earn more than on weekdays. If you can do 3 to 6 deliveries per hour, you can make $12 to $24, depending on how much each customer tips you.

Per Night

On weekends night, you can earn around $50 to $120. You can earn more depending on how many pizza orders you deliver and how much tip each customer gives.


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Factors That Affect Earnings


The most significant determining factor of how much money you make is your state or location. See some of the pizza delivery drivers’ earnings by state:

  • California – $24,000-$31,000
  • Washington – $21,000-$27,000
  • Maine – $18,000-$23,000
  • South Dakota – $15,000-$20,000

Population Density

The higher the population, the higher the chances you can deliver pizzas to more customers.

If a state has a large population (like California), the demand for pizza delivery services is also large.

Population’s Average Income

This factor is crucial. Tips also depend on the average income of customers. For low-wage earners, you shouldn’t expect to get as much tip as you can probably receive from high-wage earners.

Friendly Reminder: States generally tax tips. You must ensure that you abide by all tax regulations set forth by your state government.

You might be able to claim tips as a tax in some states but not in others. Most states don’t tax tips, but they let you keep them in a separate account for tip pooling.

Top 5 Tips for Delivery Drivers

Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Keep All Their Tips?

Yes, pizza delivery drivers can keep all their tips. The base salary of a pizza delivery driver can increase significantly with tips.

If you’re new to pizza delivery services, you can receive the tips and put them straight in your pocket.

You are not required to give it to your employer (and watch out for any employers who attempt to siphon off your tips).

Customers tip you because they appreciate the delivery service you provide. So be proud when you receive tips.


What percent tip is good for pizza delivery?

A good tip for pizza delivery is 20% on average. 15% is a generally accepted tipping standard.

But some customers give 10% (or nothing at all) if they think the delivery service is poorly handled. But regardless of the amount, any tip should be sincerely appreciated.

How do pizza delivery drivers get tips?

Pizza delivery drivers get tips if the customers are impressed by the pizza store or the delivery driver.

However, do not count on receiving a tip for each delivery you make. Customers are not required to tip the drivers. Customers who leave tips are consistently kind.

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In A Nutshell

If you’re planning to delve into pizza delivery services, tips are a significant part of your earnings.

The more tips you receive, the more earnings you can take home. Do not be reluctant to accept tips if you deliver pizzas.

If you’re an excellent delivery driver, you can earn a respectable income by taking tips.


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