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Five Dont’s of How to Plan a Driving Route

Poor routes mean poor results. They result in your transportation and overtime expenses going up, customers becoming furious, and your profit margins plummeting. Of course, no one wants to plan inefficient routes. Yet, many logistics companies and field service businesses end up doing so because they follow the same old-school process to plan a driving […]

Finding the Best Directions with Multiple Stops: The Easy Way

Let’s face it, route planning is time-consuming, and finding the best possible route for each driver is indeed hard. On the one hand, the planned routes should ensure minimal transportation costs. On the other hand, your customers should be satisfied with quick and timely deliveries and so you need to address urgent requirements and ensure […]

What is Load Planning?

Every business wants to improve its profit margin. At a high level, there are only two ways to do that: you can increase your revenue, or you can reduce your expenses. Load planning is one of the most effective ways for transportation companies to reduce their expenses. There are many factors you need to consider […]