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Benefits of Integrating a Route Optimization API with Your Existing System

Are you afraid that adopting route optimization software will bog your business down with extra staff training and download time? That’s a valid concern, but there’s a way to take advantage of route mapping software without running into those issues. You can integrate a route optimization API with your existing systems. What is Route Optimization? Route optimization is the process of […]

Do Drivers Follow Scheduled Routes? Shock Results from Test

Have you decided against using route optimization software? You may want to rethink that. Final mile delivery software guarantees that every route you give your drivers is 100% accurate and optimized. Even if you could somehow guarantee the routes you create without the help of software are 100% optimized (spoiler alert: you can’t), how do you […]

How Route Scheduling Software Simplifies Driver Management

It can be difficult to cover a large service area. This is especially true when you have customers that need to be visited more often than others, customers that can only accept deliveries on certain days, or some other factor complicating your route planning situation. But it doesn’t have to be so hard. Route scheduling software allows your drivers to […]

Routing: Scheduling vs Optimization: What’s the Difference?

Routing, route scheduling, and route optimization are all critical processes for creating reliable and cost-effective routes.  Those three processes all sound like the same thing, but each process is actually a distinct concept, especially route optimization. Knowing the difference between route optimization and routing/route scheduling will help you reduce fuel expenses, deliver more stock with the same number of […]