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Route4Me News

Route4Me New Feature: Compare Multiple Routes Side-by-Side

Comparing multiple routes is very important when executing what-if scenarios or making objective business decisions Route4Me’s new Compare Routes capability makes it extremely easy to compare up to 10 routes simultaneously Easily compare every metric about each route side-by-side Optionally merge (consolidate routes), then re-balance or re-optimize with only one click Route4Me users with the Predictive […]

Route4Me New Enterprise Feature: Logistics Operation Center

Route4Me enterprise customers who visits thousands (or tens of thousands) of locations per day are now able to monitor the progress of each delivery inside the new Logistics Operation Center The new capabilities are optimized for usage inside a dispatching center, command and control room, as well regional and national LOC facilities. The LOC interface can be opened on […]

New Route4Me Feature: Advanced Routing with Left Turn, U-Turn, Right Turn Avoidance During Route Optimization

Route4Me enterprise customers worldwide can now restrict maneuver types to increase driver safety, pedestrian safety, and efficiency. The advanced routing module permits any enterprise user with a subscription to the Advanced Routing Module Avoid left turns (USA, Canada, etc.), Avoid right turns (UK, Australia, NZ, etc.); Avoid left turns and u-turns or right-turns and u-turns simultaneously Avoiding certain types of […]

Projected and Actual Arrival Time Window Violation Alerts and Highlighting

Route4Me Enterprise users now gain visibility into the on-time status of each stop and order on a route Predict and monitor time window 5 different color codes easily describe address and time-window status codes Neutral – The location has no time window constraints, so the arrival and departure time of the person is not relevant Light Green – Warns […]

Route4Me Launches Return-on-Investment Calculator

Route4Me users can now calculate their time savings, money savings, and fuel savings in one easy to use calculator. Easily determine how much Route4Me’s fleet route optimization software will truly save you Predict workload efficiency improvements before switching to Route4Me’s automated route planning software        

Route4Me Beta Feature: Forced Same Side of Street Routing

Invitation Only Route4Me customers who make deliveries, pick up handicapped people, or otherwise require to always have the building entrance (or loading dock) align with the passenger side door will now be re-routed to accommodate their strict requirement Highly useful for commercial vehicles, pick-up-and-drop-off services who do not want drivers crossing the street (and intersecting traffic in large cities) Also […]

New Route Optimization Constraint: Plan Routes With Maximum Revenue per Route

Route4Me already permits you to plan an optimized route with numerous constraints: Customer Start Time and Customer End Time (with multiple time windows) Maximum number of vehicles/users/drivers Maximum duration of each route Maximum distance that each route can reach beyond the departure Maximum number of pieces per route Maximum weight in pounds or kilograms per route […]

New Feature: Territory Routing and Territory Management

  Field marketing, field sales, and regional distribution teams have a tough time balancing territories and routing personnel within these regions Territory based optimization enables users to visually determine area proximity to regional office/warehouse locations and then to easily assign customers to personnel who are in the vicinity With Route4Me, organizations who have field personnel visiting a large numbers of assets (i.e. checking for […]