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Route4Me News

New Report: Carbon Dioxide Emissions

All Route4Me users are now able to measure their Carbon Dioxide (CO2) pound emissions by day of the year for their entire organization, and for each sub-team (branch/facility) CO2 emissions are computed by the MPG (miles per gallon) value of the vehicle assigned to the route Route4Me reduces the route distances by optimizing and resequencing the stops on highly […]

ServiceMax and Route4Me Marketplace Partnership – Automate Operations With ServiceMax

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with ServiceMax, the leader in Field Service Management software. To read the entire press release, please visit: http://www.servicemax.com/press-releases/servicemax-advances-delivery-of-field-service-with-partner-marketplace/ How does ServiceMax automate your operations? ServiceMax provides your business one place to store all of your customer accounts, document your phone calls & emails with the customer, track what […]

New Feature: Dedicated Remote Route Planning Workstation

As we work closer with some of our Fortune 500 clients, network restrictions have become a big concern. To resolve this inconvenience for our customers, all Route4Me Enterprise customers are now able to plan their routes through a secure virtual terminal that they can access from anywhere in the world. Enterprise Administrators and Enterprise Dispatch users can now access a virtual […]

New Feature: Real-Time Dashboard

All Route4Me users can now see a real-time breakdown of their entire operation. Historical data is also available with easy-to-use date range selectors. When you log into your Route4Me account, just click the “Analytics” menu item to uncover these highly important stats about your company:   Total Routes Total Destinations Visited Actual Time on Site versus […]

New Auditing Feature: Route Tracking Movie Playback

Companies using Route4Me that had location tracking enabled have always been able to track their driver location on a map with date and time filters. Today, all Route4Me users can watch a “movie” of where their driver(s) were, and fast-forward, rewind, or pause video playback directly from the route editor. When the movie is playing, the […]

Routing Now Supports Multiple Time Windows and Max Stops per Route

Sometimes the customer waiting at an address on your route is available between 9AM and 12PM and 3PM to 6PM. Our route optimization engine has had the ability to optimize multiple time windows and limit the maximum number of stops per sub-route for quite some time. This release now permits Enterprise users who use the Route4Me […]