Enterprise Update: Avoidance Zones, Right Turn-Avoidance (UK, NZ, AU), Stability and Enhancements, Granular Cost Computations

  • Route4Me Enterprise users are now able to specify right-turn avoidance if using Route4Me in countries that drive on the left side of the road
  • Route4Me Enterprise can now configure account-level and route-level avoidance regions to improve optimization
    • The route optimization modeling engine will reflect real-world conditions with higher accuracy
    • Any number of avoidance regions can be arbitrarily drawn on a map, and all route optimization decisions and directions will ensure that drivers do not enter the avoidance areas
    • Use avoidance zones/avoidance regions to avoid areas that are under construction, have been impacted by natural disasters, or that drivers should avoid because of internal businesses rules
    • Avoidance zones can also be used in conjunction with our sales territory optimization system, so that drivers/reps don’t enter other sales or marketing regions
  • Route4Me Enterprise customers who hire third-party logistics companies (3PL’s) or sub-contractors, are now able to see all costs computed by route, vendor, region, time period, or any other custom keywords
    • Route reporting by vendor helps establish vendor baselines, and aligns accounting with projected and actual route mileage – particularly helpful for businesses using the pay-as-presented model
    • Granular reporting permits users to set variable dollar amounts billable by mile and/or per stop, so that costs are automatically computed
    • Compare vendor performance head-to-head to instantly determine effective cost per mile and profit per mile
    • Configure billing options to bill by total miles, or only by miles excluding round trip to the depot


Team: Igor, Roman, Vova