Route4Me New Enterprise Feature: Logistics Operation Center

  • Route4Me enterprise customers who visits thousands (or tens of thousands) of locations per day are now able to monitor the progress of each delivery inside the new Logistics Operation Center
  • The new capabilities are optimized for usage inside a dispatching center, command and control room, as well regional and national LOC facilities.
  • The LOC interface can be opened on multiple screens, including high-resolution projectors, flat-panel televisions, with various zoom-levels and the ability to make actionable changes to a route at any time
  • The interface permits operations managers to monitor the time impact and status of every stop and driver on a route.
  • Gradient-based color codes dynamically adjust as a result of how early, on-time, or late a driver currently is or will be based on traffic and other measurable performance conditions


Route Optimization Software - Advanced Routing


Team: Vova, Roman