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New Route Optimization Constraint: Plan Routes With Maximum Revenue per Route

  • Route4Me already permits you to plan an optimized route with numerous constraints:
    • Customer Start Time and Customer End Time (with multiple time windows)
    • Maximum number of vehicles/users/drivers
    • Maximum duration of each route
    • Maximum distance that each route can reach beyond the departure
    • Maximum number of pieces per route
    • Maximum weight in pounds or kilograms per route
    • Maximum cubic volume per route
    • Priority per stop, so that higher priority stops are moved towards the top of each route
  • Now, you are able to also have set a maximum revenue constraint so that each route does not exceed a maximum amount of “Revenue”.
    • Some examples include:
      • If planning routes for territories, this can ensure each rep does not get assigned more sales revenue per route
      • Each vehicle may only be insured against theft or other damages for up to $100,000 per occurrence. In this case, you can build routes that ensure you won’t exceed certain business constraints.
      • If your users/drivers are collecting COD (Cash on Delivery), you may not want them to carry more than a certain amount of cash on their person. If you set a maximum of $10,000 in revenue per route, drivers will never be routed to customers where they can exceed total revenue amount (in aggregate) for the entire route.
  • Remember, all constraints can be combined, so when doing territory management, you can do comprehensive routing and territory management optimization such as:
    • A rep can’t have more than 20 stops per route, and the total revenue of those stops can’t exceed $500,000 in annual sales, and the maximum distance from their departure location cannot exceed 50 miles