Projected and Actual Arrival Time Window Violation Alerts and Highlighting

  • Route4Me Enterprise users now gain visibility into the on-time status of each stop and order on a route
  • Predict and monitor time window
  • 5 different color codes easily describe address and time-window status codes
    • Neutral – The location has no time window constraints, so the arrival and departure time of the person is not relevant
    • Light Green – Warns that the person will likely arrive at a location early
    • Dark Green – The person arrived early based on the actual arrival time
    • Late Warning – The person is running late or traffic conditions have changed which indicate the person may arrive outside the anticipated time windows for the location being visited
    • Actually Late – The person has arrived late or outside the expected time windows for the location. Late check-ins and violations are stored in the company activity stream and can be analyzed




Route Planning Optimization Manifest Highlighting

An example of address highlighting in the route editor.



Route Color Coding

An example of various color codes associated with each time window status


Team: Igor, Roman