New Route4Me Feature: Advanced Routing with Left Turn, Right Turn Avoidance During Route Optimization

  • Route4Me enterprise customers worldwide can now restrict maneuver types to increase driver safety, pedestrian safety, and efficiency.
  • The advanced routing module permits any enterprise user with a subscription to the Advanced Routing Module
    • Avoid left turns (USA, Canada, etc.),
    • Avoid right turns (UK, Australia, NZ, etc.);
  • Avoiding certain types of turns makes driving much safer:
    • For example, the routing engine will not tell the driver to walk across a busy street, but will instead plan a route that avoids the prohibited behavior
  • Not only will driving directions avoid the prohibited turns, but the additional time and distance of these turns are also taken into consideration during the route sequencing and optimization process
  • The additional constraints do not have any negative impact on route optimization and computation time


Team: Dragos, Igor, Roman, Vova, and the Mapping Team