Route4Me Releases Complex Group and Territory Management, Note Export Enhancements, Custom Icons, Android Route Planning Enhancements

An update on recent Route4Me enhancements:


  • The address book map now supports complex territory search groups and shapes.
    • Combine many attributes into a single group to build queries like “All the gas stations in Napa Valley with revenue between $50,000 and $250,000 that have been visited in the last 2 weeks.”
    • Assign custom colors and custom icons to group search results
  • Route notes can now be exported as a special export type.
    • All route data with notes contains a latitude, longitude, timestamp, and a hyperlink to the attachment or esignature file
  • Assign custom icons to specific addresses in your address book
    • Select from hundreds of predefined icons spanning many icon categories
    • Selected icons are displayed on the map
  • Android App enhancements
    • You can now add eSignatures (sign on glass) that are geotagged and timestamped directly from the android smart phone (already available on the iPhone for over 3 years)
    • You can now select a note type selection for any note or activity type in the Android app (Drop Off, Pickup, etc)
    • Improved background tracking with improved offline reconciliation
    • Increased app speed, and categories which output Route Drafts,  Synced Routes, and a faster search capability


Release Team Members: Igor, Roman, Gaspar


Forthcoming sneak-peak:

  • Improved analytics with more reports
  • Automatic Territory Balancing and Optimization
  • Enhanced Periodic Routing for Recurring Routes
  • Geofence triggered check-ins (custom configurable geofence settings)