6 Reasons Why You Need a Courier Management Software

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The right courier management software is the key to a successful delivery business.

In recent years, courier companies have seen exponential growth in delivery services, with more consumers turning to e-commerce for all their shopping requirements.

Delivering customers’ packages to their doorstep efficiently, fast, and securely is part of the shopper’s online buying experience.

Using the right courier management system, you can give your customers the kind of service they expect from your company. Knowing the reasons for having a courier delivery management system will also help you pick the right one for your business needs.

Here are six reasons you need courier software for your delivery operations.

1. Meet Customers’ Expectations for Fast Delivery

Online shoppers have high expectations when it comes to receiving their packages.

According to Invesp, 80% of shoppers want same-day delivery, while 61% want their packages within 1-3 hours of placing an order.

Many prominent online retailers offer same-day or 24-hour delivery services to enhance the buyer’s online shopping experience. You need to meet the expectations, too, to stay in business.

Courier software can provide well-optimized routes with accurate driving directions to help you make faster deliveries. The software considers traffic, weather, roadblocks, left turns, and many more constraints that could slow you down. And the best part is it takes just 30 seconds to plan a route.

The courier industry isn’t a bed of roses. You will face cutthroat competition. Meeting customers’ expectations for fast, efficient, and secure delivery means more loyalty toward your company. You’ll become a recognized name in your industry, allowing you to succeed as a courier company.

2. Maintain Transparency with Your Customers

The right courier management software will allow you to keep your customers in the loop by providing them with accurate ETAs.

For example, Route4Me comes with a customer alerting and notification feature that enables you to send delivery progress updates to your customers thru SMS or email. You can send notifications whenever their delivery is out for delivery or near their location.

Such real-time updates help the customer plan their day without stressing about not being at home to receive their parcel.

Reassuring your customers with regular updates assures them that their package is in safe hands during the delivery process. It saves the customer from wasting time waiting for a parcel to arrive at their front door.

Route4Me route planner even comes with a customer portal feature that allows your customers to track their delivery status independently.

When you maintain transparency with your customers, they will find you reliable and trustworthy and keep taking your services. So, you will have high customer retention and recurring revenue.

3. Flawless Management of Priority Orders

Mishandling priority orders can result in chaos! Poorly planned priority stops can throw out your driver’s schedule and add unnecessary stress to their overall performance. Other packages may not be delivered on time, if at all!

But scheduling priority orders over and above routine deliveries is not easy. You need to consider the customers requesting urgent deliveries and the customers with a specific time window for package deliveries.
Courier software can help you plan for priority stops while keeping other deliveries on track.

You just need to assign priority levels to the addresses. And the route optimization software will plan routes in such a way that drivers visit the customer locations in the same priority order set by you. By prioritizing orders successfully, you will increase operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.


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4. Increase Productivity with Courier Software

Productive employees are more likely to offer speedier, more efficient services, resulting in happier customers. And a courier delivery management system comes with several features that help improve and maximize driver productivity.

Route optimization software ensures your drivers do not get stuck on the road, which means they can make more stops within the same work hours. The software provides balanced workload distribution to ensure none of your drivers are over or underworked.

Plus, advanced route planners come with a reporting and analytics feature that helps you track driver performance. Therefore, you can provide data-driven feedback to your drivers to improve their productivity.

Route4Me’s delivery scheduling software even offers a Driver Breaks feature to ensure your drivers get sufficient rest during their journey, reducing driver fatigue, and improving productivity.

Courier software improves driver productivity by supporting your drivers with scheduled shifts, regular breaks, and clear routing instructions.

Learn in detail how route optimization software can improve driver productivity.

5. Track Vehicles and Delivery Progress

Vehicle tracking helps you stay on top of your driver’s movements when out and about. Courier management software has a GPS tracking feature that enables you to track real-time vehicle movements on the map.

So, if a driver deviates from the assigned routes, makes unnecessary stops, takes longer breaks, or even crosses the speed limit, you would know immediately and take necessary actions to make your drivers stay on schedule.

A commercial GPS tracker also ensures driver safety. For example, you would immediately know if one of your vehicles breaks down on the road and can send road assistance quickly.

6. Save Money and Improve Profit Margin with Courier Management Software

Courier software provides well-optimized routes, which helps drivers deliver on time and make more stops, which means more revenue for your business.

Plus, the reporting and analytics feature helps you track fuel expenses to keep the costs under control.

With the GPS tracker, you can track and rectify reckless driving behavior and avoid unnecessary fuel expenses.

Furthermore, vehicle routing software comes with a geocoder that automatically flags and corrects any wrong addresses entered into the system. Therefore, your drivers won’t end up at incorrect addresses and make another delivery attempt to increase fuel costs.

So, there are multiple ways a courier software can help you save costs. And as the saying goes, a penny saved is a penny earned.

Learn in detail how vehicle routing software can help save money.

Final Thoughts about Courier Management Software

A courier management software is essential for your delivery business to stay ahead of your competitors. It helps you save money, increase profits, improve customer satisfaction and strengthen your brand identity.

However, picking the right courier management software for your delivery business is crucial to succeeding in this industry. Use a courier software like Route4Me that comes with a free trial to see if it satisfies your requirements before making any significant investment.


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Whether you want to reduce fuel costs, track your delivery vehicles in real-time, increase the number of stops your drivers can make, or keep your customers satisfied knowing that your drivers show up on time… Route4Me helps you achieve that!


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