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Route Planning

How a Trip Planner Makes Route Planning Seamless

Manual route planning can be a nightmare. Besides figuring out which roads your employees must take to get to your clients, you also need to account for the traffic, weather, construction, customer availability, and so on. And, if you have loads of customers and drivers, doing so can take you hours, even days. Doing such […]

Why Are My Competitors Always Beating Me?

Whether you like it or not, your employees are always using their cell phones. But, even with supervisors in the office, you can’t monitor every employee and, with all of today’s new gadgets, it’s easier than ever to get away with not working. Considering that it’s already so challenging to monitor people in the office, […]

A Quick Guide to Delivery Route Optimization

Fleet owners and business managers no longer plan routes manually using a map. While this traditional route planning used to be effective, still doing it in this way will make your business less competitive. So, if you want to maximize your time, money, and manpower, it’s time to switch to a route optimization software. But, […]

Why It’s Time to Switch to a Trip Planner

Planning routes is complicated. Besides figuring out the best directions to give your field employees, you also have to consider traffic, weather conditions, construction sites, and other variables. This can take hours with only a handful of customers and a couple of field employees. But, if you have hundreds of customers and hundreds of field […]