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Route Planning

What Is Multi-Stop Routing

Planning efficient routes, especially when you have multiple drivers serving multiple customer locations, is more difficult than you could imagine. Inefficient routes can land your drivers in traffic congestion, resulting in loss of revenue and customer satisfaction. In fact, according to one report, being stuck in traffic costs each driver in the United States more […]

How A Road Trip Planner Can Help You Get Rid Of Time Theft

If you regularly send employees out into the field, whether for sales calls or service requests or anything else, then surely it’s crossed your mind that your employees might be inflating their work hours. Field employees are largely unsupervised. It’s easy for them to lie about how much time they spend working. According to the […]

How A Trip Planner Can Reduce Your Operating Expenses By Thousands

If you run a business that requires you to regularly send employees out into the field, then you already know how difficult it can be to control off-campus expenses. Hourly wages, gas, vehicle maintenance… it all adds up.  Fortunately, a trip planner reduces these expenses by thousands of dollars. Here’s how: Minimize The Time You […]