Route Planning

What Is GPS Route Planning?

The rising consumer demands for same-day or even same-hour deliveries have made GPS route planning critical for any field service business. The current Coronavirus pandemic has only made it more important. And if you’re still not serious about route planning, then you put yourself at risk of losing out to your competitors. Can you afford […]

Shortest vs. Fastest Route: When You May Need Different Types

Ensuring efficient field operations is a top issue for most field service businesses. This is because even small reductions in transportation costs or driving time can add up to significant savings for the business. With this in mind, many field service businesses use route optimization software to help their drivers find accurate directions from one […]

Why Is Route Planning Important?

Having witnessed spiraling fuel costs, driver wages, vehicle maintenance costs, and insurance premiums – do we still need to ask why is route planning important? Route optimization is important because it… Reduces driving time, which eventually reduces  fuel consumption and costs; Reduces driver frustration, as planned routes decrease time on the road; Improves customer satisfaction […]

Why Falling for a Mediocre Routing Platform Won’t Let You Map Anything

Throwing away pen and paper, and even your outdated route optimizer can mean significant savings to your field service business. With fuel and vehicle maintenance costs at the top of one’s mind for most field service business owners, it is essential to keep vehicles running as efficiently as possible, which means careful route planning. Think […]

What Is Multi-Stop Routing

Planning efficient routes, especially when you have multiple drivers serving multiple customer locations, is more difficult than you could imagine. Inefficient routes can land your drivers in traffic congestion, resulting in loss of revenue and customer satisfaction. In fact, according to one report, being stuck in traffic costs each driver in the United States more […]