New Route4Me Features: Turbocharge Employees’ Productivity

Turbocharge Your Field Employees’ Productivity With These New Features From Route4Me
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Route4Me has been helping its users improve productivity and make more money for the last eight years thanks to its advanced and powerful features, such as route optimization, GPS tracking, telematics, geofencing, eSignature software, and our customer portal. All of these features offer unique capabilities that make field service management easier.

But we’re not done yet. At Route4Me, we continuously work to make our customers’ lives even easier by providing them with new tools for field service management.

We’ve just released two brand-new features: barcode scanning and order generation. With almost zero effort on your part, you can use these features to turbocharge your field employees’ productivity.

Let’s take a look at these new features in detail to help you understand how they can benefit your field employees and your business.

Barcode Scanning Increases Productivity And Security

Gone are the days when your field service reps had to spend a significant amount of time manually typing in-unit IDs, product IDs, and product numbers. Our new barcode scanning feature eliminates this hassle, as it allows Android and iOS users to scan barcodes at each destination and save the scanned data automatically in Route4Me as custom data of the destination.

There are three options for configuring the barcode scanner:

  • Close camera after first barcode scan
  • Show scanned data after closing camera
  • Play beep sound when barcode is scanned

These options are enabled by default. If you want to scan multiple barcodes at a destination, all you need to do is disable the ‘Close camera after first barcode scan’ option. That’s it!

You’ll save a lot of time by automating this data entry process. Your field reps can use that time to fit more stops into their route, which means they can generate more revenue for you. Label scanning gives you another layer of delivery/service verification as well. If you ever need proof that your field rep completed a visit, you’ll have it.

Generate Orders Quickly When Out In The Field

With our other new feature, your field reps can create orders directly from an Address Book or Stop item when out in the field. They won’t need to risk forgetting key details by taking notes and waiting until they get back to the office to process orders. They can execute on the spot.

You, your administrators, and your route planners can set order schedule dates and see all the orders owned by the logged-in user. Also, users can plan a route from the orders, insert a stop in the route from the orders, and search and delete orders.

So, do you have any questions about these new features? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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