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Time Saving

5 Ways to Stand out and Get Noticed as a Delivery Driver

There’s a pretty good chance that, in this lifetime, we’ll see delivery drones and autonomous trucks delivering packages to customers. However, given the regulatory hurdles, it might take a few more years for self-driving trucks to be available to the masses and so human drivers will continue to deliver packages for some time. Yet, as […]

How to Become A Time Multiplier (And Make the Most of Your Time)

 “Where did my day go?” There are only so many hours in the day, and your productivity will depend on managing time well to get you the most significant return. Unfortunately, most field service professionals- from drivers to managers- find themselves immersed in time-consuming tasks that add little value to the bottom line. As highlighted […]

Our Mobile Route Planner Apps Now Support SSO Login

We’ve recently introduced several powerful features in the Route4Me Android route planner app, such as weather map layers, next customer notification, barcode scanner, and offline mode to improve our users’ experience. And we’ve now released another feature that will provide our users with a more hassle-free experience, and this is a “Mobile Free” subscription. This […]

New Route4Me Features: Turbocharge Employees’ Productivity

Route4Me has been helping its users improve productivity and make more money for the last eight years thanks to its advanced and powerful features, such as route optimization, GPS tracking, telematics, geofencing, eSignature software, and our customer portal. All of these features offer unique capabilities that make field service management easier. But we’re not done […]