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final mile delivery

How to Overcome Last-Mile Delivery Challenges

It’s a no-brainer that a superior last-mile experience helps engage and retain customers and encourages repetitive purchases. In fact, reports say that happy customers pay higher delivery charges for fast delivery service and purchase more frequently. But, making a seamless last-mile delivery is easier said than done. The last-mile is the most expensive link in […]

5 Actionable Tips to Speed up Home Deliveries

Consumer requirements have changed. Today, most shoppers want their orders to arrive at their doorsteps on the same day or even the same hour, whether it is a hot meal kit, fresh food, groceries, clothes, or furniture. According to a report by Temando, 80% of shoppers surveyed want same-day shipping and 61% want their packages […]

5 Last Mile Delivery Optimization Methods That Really Work

With consumers expecting same-day delivery from all companies, and especially those with an ecommerce presence, the majority of consumers are continuously dissatisfied with their delivery experience. The top causes of dissatisfaction- as highlighted in a Capgemini report– are (1) no same-day delivery, (2) high delivery prices, and (3) late deliveries. So as a business owner […]

Beat The Competition w/ Final Mile Delivery Software

The final mile can be quite expensive. Just in case you’re not well-versed in supply chain management lingo, the “final mile” refers to the last leg of the delivery process. This is when goods are moved from a regional transportation hub to the customer’s actual location. According to a recent Honeywell report, the final mile is responsible […]