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The Top 6 Ways GPS Is Used Today

The possibilities of GPS are limited only by imagination. When GPS was invented by the US Department of Defense for its own use, nobody envisioned there would be so many applications of it. From saving lives to improving business processes, GPS technology is widely used today across many industries. How is GPS used today? We […]

GPS Tracking Glossary and FAQs

This glossary provides essential information on Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking and answers some FAQs. Its purpose is to dispel myths and help you make informed decisions about asset monitoring and tracking needs. Keep this glossary as a handy reference for everything you need to know about GPS tracking. What Is GPS Tracking? GPS tracking […]

How To Propose GPS Fleet Tracking to Upper Management

Managing field operations is not easy. Depending on the workforce and around-the-clock operations is challenging and the on-road uncertainties add to the complexities. The key to successful operations is to gain real-time visibility on your fleet’s vehicles as well as the drivers’ behavior. A GPS fleet tracking software like US Fleet tracking will help you […]

Route4Me’s Vehicle Tracking System

Do you spend hours trying to identify the exact location of your vehicles? Are you worried your drivers are engaging in bad driving behavior and do not follow the traffic rules? Would it not help if you knew exactly where your vehicles and drivers are? A vehicle tracking system can do just that. But, what […]

Top 5 Apps for Food Truck Operators

Food trucks are hot. According to Emergent Research, food trucks will generate $2.7 billion in revenue this year. This is a whopping four-fold increase from the 2012 food truck revenue estimate of $650 million provided by the National Restaurant Association. This in itself is proof that there’s a bright future ahead if you’re in the […]