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Are You Still Planning Routes Without Software?

Do you plan your routes manually? If so, how do you know if your planning is accurate? How do you ensure that your drivers follow the instructions? How do you guarantee a customer that your driver will show up on time? Food for thought, right? You’ll agree that it takes significant time to manually plan a […]

Top 5 Logistics Trends To Expect In 2016

You’ll agree that today’s logistics business environment is much more dynamic than before. It’s important that you keep abreast with everything happening in the industry. We’ve seen several ups and downs in 2015, such as: Falling gas prices and Increased transportation costs. With the new year almost upon us, it’s time to look at the […]

Do You Still Let Your Employees Run Your Business?

“You can’t keep your best people forever.” – Reid Hoffman, cofounder, LinkedIn Can you relate to this? How did it feel when your best employee left? Did it make you worry about where you were going to find a replacement? How much time and money your business would lose while training the new employee to […]

Why Your Business Must Have Vehicle Tracking Software

Everyone tends to slack off at work when they’re unsupervised. It’s human nature. When the boss goes away, it’s time to play. People will still get some work done, but they’ll also sacrifice some productivity in favor of chatting up with coworkers, browsing social media, etc. For most businesses, this isn’t a huge problem. The […]