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Company News: Route Optimization Software

Route4Me’s API Now Supports Real-Time Callbacks

Any changes to an account object such as a route, optimization, or destination on a route are automatically sent to a callback (aka webhook) url Real-time callbacks permit third-party systems to receive notifications about every system and driver event, such as a driver checking into a location, or entering a Dynamic Geofence (TM) The callback is […]

Route4Me Now Available in 11 Languages

Route4Me’s website and all the user interfaces on the website are now available in 10 additional languages: Arabic Chinese Dutch (Netherlands) French German Italian Japanese Portuguese Russian Spanish   Users can change the default language associated with their account by going to Account Settings section. The mobile applications are also capable of running in internationalized modes, and […]

Analytics Update: Over 50 Route Analysis Metrics Now Available

Route4Me users now have over 50 route analytics metrics computed for them automatically The metrics are refreshed in real-time based on any changes to associated routes and stops on a route Because there are so many new metrics available, a helpful support article has been put together to document and explain each metric Some metrics are particularly important, […]

Route4Me Announces New Program To Help Abandoned MapPoint Users

Route4Me, Inc., provider of the marketplace’s most user-friendly and downloaded route optimization solution for small and medium size businesses, recently introduced a new onboarding program designed specifically to help Microsoft MapPoint users move to Route4Me. “Our new onboarding program makes the transition to Route4Me quick and painless,” says Bjorn Orvar, Director of Marketing, Route4Me. “Every MapPoint user […]

Analytics Update: Route Density Metrics Automatically Computed For All Routes

Route4Me users can now see route-level density analytics to determine if routes meet or exceed the per-route density requirement levels expected in their organization. Density analytics can be rolled-up at the company level, or by vendor, driver, vehicle, region, or tag There are now over 23 types of metrics that are computed in real-time, which are available through the Route4Me website, […]

Enterprise Update: Avoidance Zones, Right Turn-Avoidance (UK, NZ, AU), Stability and Enhancements, Granular Cost Computations

Route4Me Enterprise users are now able to specify right-turn avoidance if using Route4Me in countries that drive on the left side of the road Route4Me Enterprise can now configure account-level and route-level avoidance regions to improve optimization The route optimization modeling engine will reflect real-world conditions with higher accuracy Any number of avoidance regions can be arbitrarily […]

Route4Me New Feature: Compare Multiple Routes Side-by-Side

Comparing multiple routes is very important when executing what-if scenarios or making objective business decisions Route4Me’s new Compare Routes capability makes it extremely easy to compare up to 10 routes simultaneously Easily compare every metric about each route side-by-side Optionally merge (consolidate routes), then re-balance or re-optimize with only one click Route4Me users with the Predictive […]

Route4Me New Enterprise Feature: Logistics Operation Center

Route4Me enterprise customers who visits thousands (or tens of thousands) of locations per day are now able to monitor the progress of each delivery inside the new Logistics Operation Center The new capabilities are optimized for usage inside a dispatching center, command and control room, as well regional and national LOC facilities. The LOC interface can be opened on […]

New Route4Me Feature: Advanced Routing with Left Turn, U-Turn, Right Turn Avoidance During Route Optimization

Route4Me enterprise customers worldwide can now restrict maneuver types to increase driver safety, pedestrian safety, and efficiency. The advanced routing module permits any enterprise user with a subscription to the Advanced Routing Module Avoid left turns (USA, Canada, etc.), Avoid right turns (UK, Australia, NZ, etc.); Avoid left turns and u-turns or right-turns and u-turns simultaneously Avoiding certain types of […]