New Feature: Territory Routing and Territory Management


  • Field marketing, field sales, and regional distribution teams have a tough time balancing territories and routing personnel within these regions
  • Territory based optimization enables users to visually determine area proximity to regional office/warehouse locations and then to easily assign customers to personnel who are in the vicinity
  • With Route4Me, organizations who have field personnel visiting a large numbers of assets (i.e. checking for graffiti in specific areas, visiting cell phone towers) can automatically determine the most optimal rendezvous and departure point
  • The Territory Routing and Management release will integrate with the forthcoming Logistics Network Analysis module, which will analyze possible facility relocation costs and savings in real-time, using Route4Me’s existing optimization algorithms using newly added predictive modeling and data science capabilities

In this initial Territory Management and Territory Routing release:

  • All users are now able to create territories
  • An unlimited number of territories can be added
  • Routes can be planned with the addresses (customers, locations, etc.) within each territory
  • Territories can be reconfigured and change shape over time
  • Addresses inside territories can be assigned to different-sub users*
  • Summarize territory analytics and understand the number of customers, addresses, or geospatial records that are within a region*




Released By: Igor/Roman/George