Enhanced Security and Recovery Features: Download Previously Uploaded Files and Monitor Login History

Registration and Logging into the Website

  • All new Route4Me users are now required to validate their email address in order to have their account activated


Uploading and Downloading Files

  • Any user is now able to download any of the files he previously uploaded to Route4Me
  • Route4Me users have always had the ability to export optimized routes, but not the originally uploaded file
  • Downloading the original file is very helpful when a file was uploaded at the office, and you need to download a copy of the original file from home
  • The original file may contain multiple tabs and graphs that were not processed by Route4Me


Login History

  • Route4Me users have important information about their delivery schedules and clients inside their Route4Me.com account
  • By displaying the login history (authentication logs) all users are now able to see the IP addresses that were used to access their Route4Me.com account
  • All activities on the website are logged and permanently recorded for security purposes
  • This is an important feature that will be closely linked with the multifactor authentication security release


Upcoming Security Release:

  • Protecting sensitive customer information is important
  • Route4Me customers will be able to lock down their account, so that it can only be accessed with a secondary authentication device, such as a verified mobile phone