Additional Route Editor Enhancements Launched to Save You Even More Time Planning Routes

A new version of our powerful route editor now comes with several major enhancements:


  • The ability to upload very large CSV files directly into a route that is already being edited without having to create a new route
  • A new interface which permits mapping any column in the CSV to any supported Route4Me column
  • A departed status field which permits a user to set an address as having been departed. The departed timestamp is then used to computed Dynamic ETA’s
  • The ability to start a completely new route directly on a blank fullscreen map
  • Route Merging: When merging multiple routes, route sequences can now be changed and a new universal departure point can be set for the newly created route
  • Re-optimizing an existing sub-route that was created as part of a time-window route upload now preserves the time-window optimization as part of our Continuous Route Optimization with Time Windows algorithm
  • Additional fields added to exported files
  • Projected Arrival Times added to the route editor manifest mode
  • Livechat added directly into every screen on the website so you reach a support team member conveniently
  • The ability to register for a trial account without a credit card is now possible
  • The ability to add any amount of custom data to each address in the route
  • The ability to hover over any note that was added remotely and see the exact audit location on a mini-map
  • Approximately 75 other bug-fixes and improvements to speed and reliability