Route4Me Launches Interactive Route Editor, Tracking Visualization Enhancements

  • The new route editor has been launched which permits users to create routes interactively using a map
  • Users have always enjoyed the ability to upload spreadsheets and other data files to Route4Me, but now users can map each column in their file to a Route4Me approved field.
  • Each new address can also be drag-and-dropped to any point on the map, which is extremely useful when existing lat / lng’s are inaccurate or out of date
  • The new route editor also permits users to copy and paste, as well as type addresses directly into the system without having to go through a step by step process.
  • Each route modification is completely interactive and users can adjust route settings at any time
  • Route4Me’s multiple routes map and route editor now give larger fleets the ability to view all their vehicles at the same time with spatial clustering disabled so that each vehicle’s location can be seen independently on the map
  • Approximately 50 additional bug fixes and enhancements